Ace of Hearts


Blossom Time

China Doll

108 Roses

Spring Song, Summer Dream, Autumn Gold, Snowflake,
Canary Bird, Dove, Goldfinch, Seagull, Swan,
Picasso's Blue Boy, Michelangelo's "New Dawn",
Handel's Water Music, Mozart's Serenade.

Golden Dawn's Vision— Pure Bliss, Kiss of Peace,
Heidelberg's Gold Glow: Alchemist's Heart of Gold,
Emily's Golden Delight, Happy Child's Dream,
Magic Carpet, Cinderella's Golden Slippers.

Celestial Superstar— Aquarius,
China Doll, Sexy Rexy— Sheer Elegance,
Neptune's Sea Foam, Mermaid's Secret Sea Pearl,
Northern Lights— Polar Star, Shooting Star, Shine On!

Silent Night, Stargazer, First Light, First Love,
Fairy Dancers, Tinker Bell, Afterglow, All Gold,
Restless, Breathless, Gold Rush, Abundance,
Summer Wine, Seven Sisters, Rise 'n' Shine.

The Pilgrim's Romance— Sweetheart Sweet Juliet,
Indian Summer— Sunlit Love, Orange Fire,
Love Story— Happy Timeless Lover's Meeting,
Sunset Song Fountain— Sweet Chariot, Awakening.

Silver Moon's Radiance— Moonbeam, Moonlight,
Paradise Blessings— Sheer Bliss Joyfulness,
Bright Beauty's Golden Glow— Pristine Purity,
Golden Angel, Sweet Dream, Happy Wanderer.

Pandora's Escapade— Wishing High Hopes,
Dreamland Earth Song— Invincible Friendship,
Poetry in Motion: White Dream— Ace of Hearts,
Cherish Blossom Time— White Angel, White Wings.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 1-20-2016
          Lost & Reassembled, 2-4-2017

Golden Dawn

Happy Wanderer



White Wings