Books to Write

August 9, 2018

Peter Y. Chou

On October 9, 2017, the constant banging of nails across the street woke me up to write "Turning Negative Noise to Something Positive". I ended the poem with "This construction is kicking me in the butt / to tackle my bucket list with more resolve, / to write a chapter a week till my book / is done before the apartment is complete." The book I had in mind was Platonic Lambda: Soul of the Universe with 12 chapters. Other projects (Number 41, Number 67, Number 96) distracted me, and I just had one chapter finished. Meanwhile, constant constructions at SierraPoint
has progressed well with many town homes finished and two nearly done. So I need to keep on working & writing.

Books Written but Never Published
Biochemistry research in predicting protein structures (1970-1980), kept me
from publishing some of the literary books written during that time—

The Invisible Dragon

Chinese Zoo page

Philosophical Poems

Warriors of Light

The Invisible Dragon (1976) (The hand-drawn dragon on a New Year's card from my 6-year old nephew
  "dictated" this fairy tale on how it became visible and invisible again. A surprising treat.). 12 pp. illustrated.
Philosophical Poems (1981) (40 philosophical poems in memory of Paul Brunton, a sage who inspired me in
  our 14 meetings in Switzerland, and provided spiritual illumination on quest of cosmic enlightenment.) 90 pp.
Warriors of Light (1985) (Selection of spiritual reflections gathered by the Souls of Light from planetary Earth
  mentioned in Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time with essay on the 4th dimension), 60 pp. illustrated

Albert Einstein & The Wisdom Mudra (Photos & Quotes) 44 pp. illustrated (1980)
Frederick Hund's The History of Quantum Theory book (1974) showing Einstein on the cover with the wisdom mudra pose at the 1911 Solvay Congress stopped me cold. It inspired me to go through all the Einstein books. Discovered two dozens Einstein photos with his thumb linked to the index fingers. He was doing it in a school photo at 10 years old. I guess Einstein must be a Bodhisattva, an enlightened being who returns to Earth to provide us with wisdom and spiritual lessons. When Robert Pinsky asked his Stanford Poetry class to assemble a Poetry Anthology of our favorite poets, I included Einstein's E = mc2 as one of the shortest and one of the most brilliant poems. This book cites many of Einstein's spiritual messages..

Wisdom Mudra in Art History (Photos & Quotes) 70 pp. illustrated (1980)
After discovering Einstein in the wisdom mudra pose, searched for photos of other creative geniuses also in this gesture. Taught an Intersession class at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) on January 14-16, 1980 to 20 engineering students who were enthusiastic on this topic. Mudra means "seal" or hand gestures symbolizing states of mind. Explored this sign language of the fingers through 4000 years of art history, from "Seated Egyptian Scribe" at the Louvre (2000 BC) to Rodin's "The Cathedral". The Wisdom Mudra pose is seen often in Buddhist statues, Christian mosaic paintings, and photographs of Albert Einsten.

Cave Journey into Center of the Heart (Spring 1993) 21 pp. illustrated
18 Newsletters for computer graphics designers at Foothill College to infuse a spiritual dimension in our artworks. Presented at Smithwick Theater (June 25-26, 1993). Newsletter #1: Plato's Allegory of the Cave; #2: Excursion into the Cave; #3: "Cave" in 60 Different Languages; #4: Images of Water & Light; #5 Journey to Underworld; #6: Reflections on Hades & Kore; #7 Plato's 7th Letter & Republic; #8: Contemplation on Many & the One;
#9: Inspirit (Ku wu— drum dance); #10: Inspirit (Amazonia to Saltimbanco); #11: Inspirit (Pokinoi to Rideau); #12: AUM; #13 On Number 42 (Part I); #14 On Number 42 (Part II); #15 On Number 42 (Part III); #16 On Number 42 (Part IV); #17 & #18: Six Easy Pieces.

Books to Write

Mountains (Table of Contents) (finished 6-25-2018)
Lisa DeLapo's "LINC 58: Project-Based Learning" class (May 21-June 22, 2018) spurred me to finish this "Mountain Project" with twelve topics for a book— Mountain Art, Mountain Music, Mountain Poetry, Mountain Books, Mountain Postage Stamps, Mountain Writings, Mountain Quotes, Bible on Mountains, Mountain Symbolism, Mountain Mythology, Mountain Photography, Mountain Resources. After this class, added another chapter— Mountain Images in Tarot Cards (7-3-2018). (36 pages)

Platonic Lambda: Soul of the Universe (Table of Contents) (six chapters done)
First chapter "Mountains" expanded to 12 topics with enough material for a separate book (above). Other chapters will be shorter— Coast Redwood, Goosepen Redwood, Walking Man, Leonardo's Divine Proportions, Newton's Prism, Giza Pyramids, Vanishing Point, Wizard's Hat, Church Steeple, Ancient of Days (Compass), Flying Geese, Arrowhead, Colliding Galaxies. Including poems on Platonic Lambda Λ— "Giacometti's Walking Man", "Every Step You Make", "The Spring Geese Are Flying North", "Platonic Lambda Sonnet", Notes, "Sharpless 2-106 Nebula", "Celestial Snow Angel", "A Pepper Tree Stops Me Cold", "The Soul Must Remain Hidden", "CREΛTIVE Labs Logo", "Trees at Versailles", "Coleman Barks & Cappadocia", "Seeing the Soul Everywhere", "Platonic Lambda Business Cards".

Mystery of Numbers (Table of Contents)
All numbers are sacred. Selecting my favorite numbers with an essay on each— 1 (Oneness), 2 (Duality), 3 (Trinity), 4 (Quaternity), 5 (Platonic Solids), 6 (1st Perfect #, Snowflake),
7 (Stars in Big Dipper), 8 (Chinese Lucky Number), 9 (Dante's number, Square of Trinity),
10 (Pythagorean Decad), 12 (Zodiac), 22 (Hebrew Kabbala), 28 (2nd Perfect Number),
33 (Freemason Highest Rank), 40 (Symbol of Transformation), 42 (Hitchhiker's Guide
to the Galaxy
), 55 (Platonic Lambda Sum), 64 (I Ching Hexagrams), 72 (Disciples of Confucius), 100 (Perfection), 108 (Hindu Mystic Number), 220 (Pythagoras Amiable Number), 322 (Skull & Bones), 1022 (Dante's Stars), 1132 (James Joyce's Finnegans Wake).

Memoirs (Table of Contents)
China Years; Dad & Mom; Growing Up in Queens, New York, Undergraduate at Columbia; Graduate Studies at Cornell; Collecting Inspiring Quotes (NY Times "Queries & Answers"); Inspiring Mentors (Albert Schweitzer, Goethe, Dante, Descartes, Einstein); Spiritual Quest (Brother David Steindl-Rast, Swami Satchitananada, Anthony Damiani, Paul Brunton, Master Subramuniya, Swami Chinmayananda, Zen Master Seung Sahn, Charlie Red Hawk); Predicting Protein Structures (Chou-Fasman Method); Writing Free-Verse Poetry; Graphic Design at Foothill College; Designing Web Site; Collecting Autographs; Stanford Lectures; Stanford Poetry Workshops; Museums Visits; My Favorite Things.)