Alberto Giacometti
Invisible Object (1934)

Hands Holding the Void

Giacometti's bronze Invisible Object or
Hands Holding the Void— What does she hold?
Some say it was a bird that had flown away.
Since birds symbolize the soul, it's fitting

that her hands hold the invisible
for it's the unseen supports the seen
as root and sap nourish a tree while
the air we breathe sustains our life.

What is the Void?— Is it the black hole
where no light escapes or the white hole
out of which this whole universe was born
or the worm hole connecting black and white

much like the Tao circle of yin and yang
breathing emptiness between Heaven & Earth—
dark matter and dark energy whose wings
or wind give rise to the ten thousand things.

Once a smart lad tried to stump the village's
wise woman with a baby bird in his hands—
"If she says it's alive, I'll crush it dead.
If she says it's dead, I'll let it fly away."

A crowd gathered by the wise woman's hut
when the lad asked "Is my bird dead or alive?"
Seeing the boy's smirk, the wise woman smiled
and replied simply— "It is in your hands."

So the Void or "Soul-Bird" is in our hands—
since from the first all is void— abiding
nowhere let our mind work on with joy
to create everything afresh and new.

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 2-20-2013

                        Alberto Giacometti
                        Hands Holding the Void (1934)