Eighth Birthday Poem

                              for grandniece Lilly

Germany O67 Numeral 8
(issued 12-31-1936)

8 is indeed a magical number,
It's infinity when it slumbers.

8 awake

8 asleep
Number 8

Dogwood Flower
Two 8's seen in flowers
of a Dogwood tree,
An octopus with
8 tentacles in the sea.


8 in Shoe Laces
    8's are formed tying
    your shoe laces,
    8 crew members in
    oared boat races.

8 crew members oared boat race

Hit the 8-ball in pool & you won't win,
8 strings on a pear-shaped mandolin.


Six 8's you'll see in a 4-leaf clover,
More 8's in a necklace you'll discover.


8 equal sides
An octogon has 8 equal sides,
Let Buddha's 8-fold path be your guide.

Japan 273
(issued 7-1-1939)

Supernova 1987A
with figure "8"
(February 23, 1987)
8 seen in a Supernova Galaxy,
Pegasus gallops inspiring poetry.

Uruguay C36A: 8 cents
Pegasus: Symbol of Poetry
(issued 6-30-1943)

PRC 1900
Rat Year
(issued 1-5-1984)

PRC 1966:
Ox Year
(issued 1-5-1985)
    8 fen stamps honor
    Years of Rat and Ox,
    8 cents Panama stamp
    shows Marc's "Blue Fox".

Panama 499: 8 cents
Franz Marc's "Blue Fox"
(issued 9-1-1967)

U.S. 1436, 8¢
Emily Dickinson
(issued 8-28-1971)
Emily & Beethoven in stamps of 8,
celebrate artists who illuminate.

Germany 354, 8 pf.
Ludwig Beethoven
(issued August 1927)

Oxygen Atom
Oxygen's 8 electrons wish you cheers,
Happy 8th Birthday to you Lilly dear!

8th Birthday Cake

Peter Y. Chou
Mountain View, 3-5-2021