Meditations on 97: Practice Pure Prayer

                for Harold A. Scheraga's 97th birthday

Let there be a firmament
high above all the earth—
most bountiful refreshment
dining along the river banks.

It is mind that produces order,
knows nature of the Uncreated.
The sage is not distracted,
always steady and easy.

Practice pure prayer & fear no evil—
Peace! it is till the break of the morning—
hidden wealth will bring you great joy
leading to purification of the mind.

Seek the Way with an open mind,
shine out like the Sun and stars.
There is no freedom or bondage
when we realize the Self God within.

The world at best is a children's game—
the sage knows it's a reflection of Brahmin
not contained in the earth nor in all heavens
is her sweet smile inspiring my vision & song.

The wood where fortune smiled on me—
a million suns are ablaze with light,
whole realm of darkness now turned bright
whose dwelling is the light of setting suns.

Renounce your will, and yours are joys—
With joy— but not in chains to pine.
The rainbow never tells me
Death is perhaps an intimate friend.

Earth is no use anymore to the wanderer:
world moves, but earth's stone is unshaken.
A drink that bubbles in empty glasses—
some luminous thing has happened—

whatever must be learned— Sunflower
Burning Bush, Evergreen Wanderer,
Weeping Crescent Moon—
within the body a lake of bliss.

        Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 10-18-2018