Calliope, Muse of Poetry (1634)
Simon Vouet, Muses Urania & Calliope
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Peter's Selected Poems (2000-2020)

Peter Y. Chou

September 20, 2020

Calliope, Muse of Poetry (1511)
Raphael Sanzio, Mount Parnassus
Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican Museum

Preface: After switching my love for proteins (language of life) to poetry (language of the human heart) in 1985, I've been lucky to be guided by many poetry mentors. Dick Maxwell was my first instructor at Foothill College's Poetry Workshops every Thursday (1988-1996). Galway Kinnell, Sharon Olds, Robert Hass, and Brenda Hillman improved my craft at Squaw Valley's Poetry Workshops (1989-1990). W.S. Merwin (1988), Allen Ginsberg (1988), and Gary Snyder (1990) inspired me further at SJSU Poetry Center. I was fortunate to attend Stanford Poetry Workshps with Robert Pinsky (2007), Robert Bly (2008), Mark Doty (2009), Kay Ryan (2010), Stephen Dobyns (2011). I enjoyed teaching poetry writing to students in CPITS (California-Poets-in-the-School) Program (1991-1996). Was honored with a permanent bronze plaque "Valentine Mints" near San Francico's Ferry Building (1999). I thank the Muse of Poetry, Calliope, for inspiring my poems. Gathered below are some favorite poems to share with readers.

YearTitle of Poems
2020 Alone But Not Lonely, Inspired by "Ripple" (Notes), Letter J: Jacob, Joshua, Jonah
2019 Love Is for the Lucky and the Brave (Notes), Most Miraculous Growth (Notes), Concerning Pets (Notes)
2018 Chinese Ideogram Shan for Mountain (Notes), One and the Many, Elephant Rock at Valley of Fire State Park
2017 Heaven & Hell in Il Bacio, Seeing the Soul Everywhere, Surprise Lunch with Two Feathered Friends
2016 Wonder, Psychic Cleaners (Notes), Moments to Cherish (Notes)
2015 Gold * Myrrh * Frankincense (Notes), Twin Luminaries, Mary Avenue Bridge (Notes)
2014 A Pepper Tree Stops Me Cold (Photos), Morning Prayers, Home Is The Centre (Notes)
2013 The Meaning of Life, I Love to Waltz, Sufi Spin, Beauty
2012 Seagull Circus Show, "Silence Is Golden", Be Thankful
2011 Platonic Lambda Sonnet (Notes), Vanishing Point (Notes), Mind: Questing or Resting? (Notes)
2010 A Sea of Steps, Wisdom— Some Questions (Notes), The Universe Is Made of Stories (Notes)
2009 ABC Book for the New Year (Notes), What Is Belief? (Notes), Mother Bird in the Wild Branches (Notes)
2008 The Aha Moment (Notes), What Will You Do with the Rest of Your Wild Life? (Notes),
2007 Small Talk (Notes), My Moment with Marcel Marceau (Notes), Meeting Goethe in Heidelberg (Notes)
2006 Speclations on the Soul (Notes), Breathe In... Breathe Out... (Notes), Alphabet Poem
2005 A Good Heart: Poem for Mom
2004 Do You Know Who You Are?
2003 Pondering About Poetry (Notes), Sleeping Tree of Lake Lagunita
2002 Requiem for a Mouse
2001 Where Are You?, Be Open, White Clouds * White Wings
2000 The Mango's Mystery (Notes), Matter & Mystery , Humour * Simplicity * Inspiration (Notes)

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