In the Pavilion where ballroom dancing
is swinging and swirling, I'm sitting
next to a woman of class who confides
that she wants to make lots of money.

I tell her of Napoleon Hill's classic
Think and Grow Rich, how I extolled
it to a friend twenty years ago, and
he made millions afterwards. Recently

he reminded me that the QUICKSTEP to
wealth is not service but burning desire,
like loving pairs TANGO in white heat
and everyone in the room feels on fire

or commodity brokers in the pit
of Chicago Mercantile Exchange SWING
deals WEST COAST & EAST— options
and futures on pork bellies, cattle & grains—

piling profits upon profits. Before you
take TWO-STEPS, these money masters have
WALTZED away with emperors across seas
to Swiss banks and yachts in the Bahamas.

You could CHA CHA and chart price swings
on the Dow, treasury bonds and gold, but
a wise old gypsy showed me how to forecast
market up and downturns based on FOXTROT

prints in the woods. To succeed in sales
you should not HUSTLE goods on clients
but to SALSA their minds with subliminal
messages of well-being, ocean sunshine,

a tinge of nostalgia, the right pitch of
slow-slow-quick-quick-slow, and masses will
RUMBA & POLKA their way to your products
and that's how all great fortunes are made.

            — Peter Y. Chou
                 Palo Alto, 12-16-1988