Did Christ hint at reincarnation
when his disciples asked:
“Who sinned, this man or
his parents that he was born blind?”

And Jesus replied: “Neither
did this man sin, nor his parents,
but the Law of God be fulfilled.”

Christ unveiled the truth
when he told the Jews:
“Before Abraham was I am.”

When Chi Lu asked about death,
Confucius admonished him:
“Why talk of the hereafter
when we know not the here & now.”

Buddha refused to discuss
the nature of the soul:
“Follow the Eight-Fold Path
and you'll know what really is.”

The Hindu sage Ramana said:
“Ask if there is incarnation
before we talk reincarnation.”

From the viewpoint of time,
waves take birth and die
only to be born again.

From the viewpoint of eternity,
water never reincarnates
or incarnates. It is!

On learning this truth
I kept the secret
and remained silent.

Does the soul reincarnate
after this body dies?
and when do we come back?

Stop these foolish talks.
Go within yourself and
ask your soul who knows.

— Peter Y. Chou
     Palo Alto, 8-20-1987

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