Twinkle, twinkle,
sparkling star
inside a cave
you dwell so far

A hawk sits on
a colossal hare
whose ear glows
with nearby flares

Cat's Paw, Bear Claw
surround your lair
with a white dove
above in prayer

Within your mind
reign peace & war
but in your heart
so much much more

Tinkle, tinkle,
beautiful bell—
cosmic music
sings all is well

This universe is
inside of Zeus—
the Milky Way
his neuronic juice

Supernovas are
synaptic fires—
Each Big Bang
dawn of desires

Cauldron bubbles
the play of Brahman
dancing with delight
in a cavern garden.

Peter Y. Chou
Mountain View, 8-24-2011

A Massive Star in NGC 6357