Pi Day Plate
π = 3.1416

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
Lecturing in Vienna (1921)

Mirror Image of 314
looks like the word "PIE"

Einstein's 137th Birthday

My best Columbia friend Richard sent me
a simple email: "Pi Day— 3.1416"
waking me up to this special day.

I'm amazed the mirror image of "314"
looks like the word "PIE" and π
was memorized to 111,000 digits.

Physicist Larry Shaw started the first
Pi Day celebration at San Francisco's
Exploratorium in 1988, but I've honored

this day long before as it's Einstein's
birthday, born on March 14, 1879—
arranged as 3.141879, it resembles

the transcendental number π (3.1416)
accurate to 99.99%. No wonder Einstein
was so much in tune with the universe.

Epiphany on John 3.14 & Genesis 3.14
inspired π poems— "What Nicodemus Came
to Learn by Night" & "What Is the Address?"

I sent these poems to friends & told them
nobody on the web has noticed that
today is Einstein's 137th birthday—

137 is inverse of α, fine-structure
constant related to electron charge,
Planck's constant, & speed of light.

Electromagnetism, quantum mechanics,
and relativity in the formula that
Feynman said was written by God.

  — Peter Y. Chou
      Mountain View, 3-14-2016
      on Einstein's 137th birthday