Arup Biswas, Awestruck (2015), The Main Gallery, Redwood City
San Jose Mercury News, Art Notes, November 21, 2015, B2

In Nature's Realm

She's sitting still by the creek
surrounded by autumn foliage—
Red, orange, yellow leaves burst
into bloom— at one with nature

like Delius's Paradise Garden,
Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony,
Dvorak's In Nature's Realm,
and Zipoli's Elevazione.

Trees and rocks taught Socrates,
a murmuring stream enlightened
Siddhartha while Confucius said
"It passes on just like this."

Is she meditating on the rock
before her much like Dürer's
Melencolia Angel stumped by
the polyhedron that baffled all?

Let not those conundrums spoil
the peace of the present moment:
colors will fade, leaves will fall—
Breathe this in before it's gone.

  — Peter Y. Chou
      Mountain View, 12-22-2015