The Letter C: Short Autobiography

Children coloring with Crayola crayons
singing Christmas carols while I recall—
Born as Chou in Chengtu, central China
under Cancer the Crab constellation.

Chemistry courses at Columbia & Cornell,
living in Cascadilla Hall & on Catherine St.,
moved to Cambridge, Mass, then to California,
predicted protein conformation without computers.

First job at Concord Hotel in the Catskills,
last as Foothill College computer consultant.
Close friends Connie & Cathy came by to hike
at Castle Rock, Coal Creek, & Crystal Springs.

Catalpa, Cedar, Cypress, and Chestnut trees
to cherish for calmness and communion,
watching cirrus & cumulus clouds by day
and crescent moon with comet by night.

Cheetahs chasing on land, condors in air
for prey as I sit in comfort at home—
cup of coffee with cream and cereal,
listening to Pablo Casals play his cello.

Is Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat still smiling
at Charlie Chan at the Circus catching
the clown Charlie Chaplain in City Lights?
Let Jimney Cricket's "Conscience be your guide".

Is there cosmic connection in crop circles—
Chaos before Creation of this Cosmos?
At crossroads of choice, choose compassion,
study Cabala, Compass and the Cross.

Compose poems with clarity & concision—
Crack open your cage, conquer ignorance,
keep holy curiosity, common sense,
and courage as constant companions.

Confucius taught "carefulness when alone",
Chao Chou's "When cold— cold, when hot— hot",
Chou Tun-yi advised "Concentrate on one thing",
contemplate with PB and Chinmayananda.

Reading Richard Bucke's Cosmic Consciousness
cleanse the mind of comparison and clutter,
celebrate your celestial calling—
let the Crown Chakra illumine your centre.

Pure Consciousness is like a cinema screen—
impervious to all calamities—
such is the sage's mind— calm, cool, collected—
Come Home to your cosmic changeless Self.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 1-1-2016