Bookmark for Reading from Los Altos Library

The Letter E: Experience Enlightenment

"Escape the ordinary"— a bookmark
shows a superhero flying and reading—
for elixirs come to those who explore

Plato's Epistles, Plotnus' Enneads,
Euripides' Electra, Virgil's Ecologues,
Emerson's Essays, e.e. cummings' poems,

Jan van Eyck's epic Ghent Altarpiece
and Beethoven's Eroica Symphony
that will elevate our mind to epiphany.

Enter to experience the Eternal Now—
no time— past, present, future— we're everywhen,
no space— here or there— for we're everywhere.

To find this enchanted El Dorado spot,
embark to the edge & end of the Earth,
exit our ego entrenchement and leap

to the Empyrean Paradise as Dante did—
Ask elm, eucalyptus, evergreen trees
for elves to show us an easier exodus.

Enjoy Nature— Pearly Everlasting,
Evening Primrose and Edelweiss
with eagles and snowy egrets soaring.

An Egyptian Elder advised carrying
eighty-eight cents everyday, money with
eagle & E. Pluribus Unum for good luck.

Seeing an extra-terrestial, we scream "Eeee!"
or shout "Eureka!" like Archimedes whose
exciting experiment is worth more than gold.

From Eden to Enoch to Ezekiel—
esoteric secrets of Gnostic Essenes
echoed by En-sof of the Kabbalah.

Embrace Emmelia, the Emerald Tablet,
Meister Eckhart and Eleusian mysteries
to enlarge and exhalt us to euphoria.

E is the most popular letter in English
related to the Semitic Heh (or window),
symbol of Life as window lets in the light.

Emulate a sage's effortless endeavors,
living in emptiness & everything gets done.
The E engraved at Delphi is for Enlightenment.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 4-4-2016