Psychic Cleaners, 75 West El Camino Real & Bay Street, Mountain View

Psychic Cleaners

Psychic Cleaners $2.50—
sign at the corner of Bay Street near
my apartment in Mountain View
but not visited in two years.

Curiously, I opened their creaky door—
"Come in" she waved me to her table
with a giant crystal ball at the center.
"Horoscope? Palm Reading? Tarot Cards?"

She told me her chakra cleansings—
a girl's throat chakra cleared for opera,
a hedge-fund manager's third eye opened
for faster and better pickings of stocks.

A monk requested crown chakra cleansing—
She confessed "If I could do that I'd become
a Buddha myself with millions of followers."
She asked me "What can I do for you?"

I came for your $2.50 cleaning
pointing to the sign outside her store.
"Ha!" she laughed, "that's the price pressing
a shirt in the Dry Cleaners next door!"

I complained her room is too smoky—
"Misty!" she countered, "We psychics like
to work in a mist." I joked whether steam
was piped in from her next-door neighbor.

I told her the word "fog" (nebbia) appeared
four times in Dante's Inferno, five times
in Purgatorio, but none in Paradiso
so enlightened eyes are not dimmed by mist.

I offered her an Abe for our session
but her consultation fee is a Ben.
She said "We're even" when I gave her
the lyrics to Mick Jagger's "Fortune Teller"—

"I said I didn't see nobody
Why'd she made a fool of me...
While looking at the fortune teller
I fell in love

Now I'm a happy fella
I'm married to the fortune teller
I'm as happy as I can be
Now I get my fortunes told for free."

  — Peter Y. Chou
      Mountain View, 5-16-2016

Psychic Cleaners $2.50 sign
corner of Bay Street, Mountain View

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Mick Jagger singing "Fortune Teller"
(Video Recorded August 16, 1963)