A Dream of Philosophical Beauty

Malta #312
(issued 1-7-1965)
The Sleeping Lady
Neolithic Period (3000 BC)

Within my mind a beautiful stream was flowing one night
In it I find a wonderful dream was glowing with light
A perished age described the divine by a sword sharp & bright
A cherished sage inscribed two lines on a board dark & white.

The first line he wrote I couldn't decipher nor recollect
The second was "Strive constantly to be ever correct."
O that the ineffable, primordial, eternal Tao
Can be experienced through rectification here & now!

Then the compassionate sage sat silently next to me
And deep in my heart I felt a force swirling like the sea
Filling every pore of my being and bursting to be free
Until my soul was flooded with illumined tears and glee.

                        Peter Y. Chou
                        New York (dream), 12-25-1971
                        Boston       (poem), 12-20-1972