Austria 590
Girl & Christmas Tree
(issued 11-30-1953)

U.S. 1240
Christmas Tree at White House
(issued November 1, 1963)

Norfolk Island 153
Sleeping Child & Tree
(issued 10-22-1973)

Christmas Tree Postage Stamps

Gathered ten Christmas Tree photos
two from Rockefeller Center,
Jack London Square in Oakland,
Los Gatos Christmas Tree Lane,

San Jose Christmas in the Park,
Christmas Trees from White House,
Buckingham Palace, Jersusalem,
Shanghai & Salisbury Cathedral.

Forgot to include postage stamps—
U.S. stamps of Christmas Tree
at White House, Needlepoint tree
of candy canes & gingerbread cookie,

Canada's 1781 Christmas Tree,
Austria Tree with a crystal on top,
Norfolk Island of sleeping child
dreaming of Christmas Tree, and

Austria stamp showing a girl
looking at a lit Christmas Tree
in total wonderment. Where does
this wonder come from we may ask?

Recall putting lights around fir tree
in front of bay window at Floral Park
with Dad, as Mom put 300 Christmas
cards from friends in the living room.

Didn't know back then that the
Christmas Tree is shaped like
Platonic Λ "Soul of Universe"
that keeps us all in wonder.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 12-25-2020

U.S. 1508
Christmas Tree
(issued 11-7-1973)

Canada 900
1781 Christmas Tree
(issued 11-16-1981)

Austria 2832
Christmas Tree
(issued 11-8-2019)