Archimedes' Sun-lit Mirror
Burned Roman Fleet, 214 BC

Normandy: D-Day Invasion
World War II: June 6, 1944

Charles Martel: Battle of Tours
Defeating Arabs, October 10, 732

Conquering the World

In my dream last night, final exam asked
us to write essay "Conquering the World".
I began writing— "To conquer the world,
one needs weapons to beat the enemy—

Archimedes' mirror burned Roman fleet,
Hannibal crossing Alps with elephants,
Genghis Khan sweeping across Hungary,
Martel's horses beating Arabs' camels.

Japanese Navy defeats the Russians,
Conquered hearts: Truce Christmas Day,
C.S. Lewis rally speech to young pilots
flying RAF to fight German Luftwaffe.

Churchill's speech 'We shall never surrender!',
Massive ships on D-Day Normandy Invasion,
Two atom bombs brought Japan to its knees,
Missiles wrestled Kuwait back from Iraq.

Satellites missiles can hit all spots on earth.
Enough about the history of warfare—
Recalled Alexander's sigh on seeing
so many stars, 'I've yet conquered one.'

Buddha said 'It's easier to conquer
10,000 armies than to conquer oneself.'
When oneself is known, we see that this
world is illusionary like the dream.

The awakened self when enlightened is
beyond the waking, dream, sleep states,
living the calm lives of sages in peace—
our real goal in conquering the world."

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 1-25-2021