Tour of WisdomPortal

This is my gift to the world working
each day writing haikus, poems, stories
on enlightenment to share with all—
Peter Rabbit guides you to lands of

Feeling tingling in your shoulders?
Amazing growth of angelic wings
soar in space: moonrise, sunrise, earthrise
going back in time: to mountains of

Christ's Sermon on the Mount, Buddha
on Vulture's Peak— get rid of desires,
Lao Tzu on Spirit of the Valley,
value of Emptiness leading to

coming to Rilke at the Paris Zoo
inseeing panther's endless pacings—
such is the vertical vision of
Wei Wu Wei and sages living in

like Lu Hsiang-shan's "The universe is
my mind; My mind is the universe."

Plato's gift of seeing the One in
the many and many in the One.

These are delights at WisdomPortal—
every step is an adventure when
opening your heart to True Self
that is infinite and eternal.

    — Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 2-3-2021