Cave Journey into the Heart
Journal Notes of Peter Y. Chou for the Dance Gallery: Inspirit
Newsletters for graphic designers at Foothill College (Spring 1993)

Peter Y. Chou

Table of Contents:
Issue # Topic of Discussion
#1: Plato's “Allegory of the Cave”: Enlightenment from Book VII of The Republic
#2: An Excursion into the Cave: Chinese ideogram & Sanskrit word for “cave”
#3: Cave— in 60 Different Languages: Etymologies to inspire graphic imageries
#4: Images of Water & Light: Egyptian Hieroglyphic for Cave— baba
#5: Journey to the Underworld: Hela— Goddess of Death in Norse mythology
#6: Reflections on Hades & Kore: Tao of Zeus & Hades— a new interpretation
#7: Plato's 7th Letter& RepublicBook VII: from cave of darkness to world of light
#8: Contemplation from the Many to the One: Raphael's The School of Athens
#9: Inspirit (ku wu—drum dance): Kaze to Norweg (“spring geese flying north”)
#10: Inspirit: Amazonia (wild wonder), Il Sogno di Volare (Dream of Flight— from
Homer to Virgil to Dante), Saltimbanco (The Joker, the Fool, & Dante's Leap)
#11: Inspirit: Pokinoi (Life between two darks), Kumbalwe (spiritual cleansing),
Rideau (farewell— the curtain falls and a gentle river flows to the sea)
#12: AUM: from sleep to dream to waking & the silent Cosmic Consciousness
#13: On the Number 42: Why Alice says that this number should be number one?
#14: On the Number 42— Part II: Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,
Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, Egyptian Mythology, Biblical Citations
#15: On the Number 42— Part III: Kuan Yin's 42 Principal Emblems,
James Joyce's Finnegans Wake,Louis MacNeice's “Star-gazer”
#16: On the Number 42— Part IV: Shri Yantra mandala, Buddhist & Taoist Philosophy,
42 in Kabbala, Jackie Robinson's #42, 42nd word in Genesis
#17: Six Easy Pieces: Poems inspired at the Palo Alto Cultural Center
#18: Six Easy Pieces: More poems inspired at the Palo Alto Cultural Center

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