Books to Write

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January 16, 2021

Peter Y. Chou

On August 9, 2018, composed a web page on "Books to Write". The list included 6 books written but never published— "The Invisible Dragon" (1976), "Philosophical Poems" (1981), "Warriors of Light" (1985), "Albert Einstein & The Wisdom Mudra" (1980), "Wisdom Mudra in Art History" (1980), "Cave Journey into the Heart" (1993). Also listed 4 books yet to write— "Mountains" (2018), "Platonic Lambda: Soul of the Universe", "Mystery of Numbers", and "Memoirs". Have decided to include the 36 pages of "Mountains" as the first chapter of "Platonic Lambda" book. Adding 4 more books to the list— "Morning Star: Poems 2020", "ABC for You & Me", "The Rod that Would Destroy the World", and "Happy Birthday on iPhone". Since "Warriors of Light" (1985) was typed with dot-matrix printer, need to redo this book in HTML. Also find postage stamps to illustrate each page of quotes cited, as well as the cover. Will link to chapters as they're written to keep this project on track.

Books to Write

Warriors of Light (Table of Contents) (1985) (redesign 2021)
Selection of spiritual reflections gathered by the Souls of Light from planetary Earth
mentioned in Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time. Quotes from Isaiah, Lao Tzu, Gautama Buddha, Aeschylus, Euripides, Euclid, Horace, Jesus Christ, Lucius Seneca, Saint Paul, Juvenal, Justinian I, St. Francis of Assisi, Dante Alighieri, Leonardo da Vinci (2), Nicolaus Copernicus, Michalangelo Buonarroti, Antonio Perez. Miguel Cervantes, William Shakespeare, Rembrandt van Rijn, Blaise Pascal, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Jacques Delille, Thomas Jefferson, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich von Schiller, Ludwig van Beethoven, AbrahamLincoln, Henry David Thoreau, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie, Mohandas Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, Albert Einstein. (40 pages illustrated)

Platonic Lambda: Soul of the Universe (Table of Contents; Preface) (12-26-2020)
Ch. 1 Mountains; Ch. 2 Coast Redwoods; Ch. 3 Redwood's Goosepen; Ch. 4 Giacometti's Walking Man; Ch. 5 Leonardo's Divine Proportions; Ch. 6 Newton's Prism; Ch. 7 Giza Pyramids; Ch. 8 Vanishing Point; Ch. 9 Wizard's Hat; Ch. 10 Church Steeple; Ch. 11 Ancient of Days & Compass; Ch. 12 Flying Geese Formation; Ch. 13 Arrowhead Shape; Ch. 14 Colliding Galaxies.

Morning Star: Poems 2020 (Table of Contents; Preface) (12-26-2020)
The Janitor Crushed Me Debating on Rodin (Notes); Where Is My Veggie Plate?; Initiation Time; Memories of Miriam Scheraga (Notes); Tasty Snack Anyone?; Seventh Birthday Poem; Meditations on 43 (Notes); The Humongous Pepper Tree; Slaying Dragons & Monsters; Panic Buying & Hoarding; Cabin Fever?; Be Watchful; Great Graphic Design; Poetry, Painting, Music; Where Are Our Heroes?; 4 Haikus for 4th Month; Butterfly Bush; Alone But Not Lonely; Thirteenth Birthday Poem; Homage to Wang Yang Ming; The Old Witch Is Dead; Received Emails from Best Poet & Best Fiction Writer on the Same Day; "Ring of Fire" Late Show; Inspired by "Ripple" (Notes); Home Is Where You Find Happiness; Solid Geometry Lesson; On Intuition; Morning Star; This Is the Sage; Noli Me Tangere; "I Have a Terrible Headache"; Who's Who at the Round Table; Meditations on 69: Beautiful music, do not cease! (Notes); Safeway Shopping Not Safe; Memories of Professor Scheraga; Nirvana; Meditations on 99: Boat to River of Heaven (Notes); We Create a New World; And I Disagree; 124 People to Be Thankful; Christmas Tree Postage Stamps.

ABC for You & Me (Table of Contents; Preface) (12-21-2020)
Alphabet Poem; ABC Book for the New Year; (Notes): Letter A: Attention!; Letter B: Beautiful Blessings; (Notes): Letter C: Short Autobiography; Letter D: Dawn to Dusk Drumming; Letter E: Experience Enlightenment; Letter F: Fire! Fire! Fire!; Letter G: Gifts of Grace; Letter H: Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!; Letter I: Imagination, Inspiraton, Illumination; Letter J: Jacob, Joshua, Jonah; Letter K: Kaline, Kiner, Killebrew; Letter L: Leonardo at the Louvre; The M Showed Me; Why Everything Begins with M? (Notes); Letter N: Neti Neti to Nirvana; Empty as the Letter O; Letter P: Pythagoras, Plato, Plotinus; Letter Q: Don Quixote's Quest; Letter R: Raphael, Rembrandt, Renoir; Letter S: Sufi Spins; Letter T: Trip to Tannu Tuva; Letter U: Roll Up the Universe; Letter V: Veronica's Veil; Letter W: Wisdom & Wonder; (Notes); X Marks the Spot; The Y in My Name; Letter Z: Zero in on Zeus (Notes).

The Rod that Would Destroy the World (Table of Contents; Preface) (2021)
Ch. 1: Paris in the 1920s and 1930s; Ch. 2: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Ch. 3: Aleister Crowley goes to Swizerland and consults Elisabeth Haich on symbolisms of Tarot Cards; Ch. 4: Hemingway journeys to Switzerland and consults Elisabeth Haich on Black & White Magicians; Ch. 5: Hitler's Mein Kamp and Interest in the Occult; Ch. 6: Nazis Seeking Strategies for World War II; Ch. 7: PB tells PC about his first spiritual mentor Allan Bennett, aka Ananda Metteyya "who created a rod that would destroy the world"; Ch. 8: Fairy Tales on Magic Wands; Ch. 9: Magic Wands of Conductors, Painters, and Poets; Ch. 10: Meeting of Aleister Crowley & Adolf Hitler; Ch. 11: The Rod of God; Ch. 12: Is the Rod within us?.

Happy Birthday on iPhone (Table of Contents; Preface) (2022)
This "Happy Birthday on iPhone" book will have 366 pages, one for each day of the year from January 1 to December 31. Each day will be illustrated with a postage stamp of a notable person born on that date, as well as five others who share this birthdate. The goal
is to select creative people to inspire those born on this date. Positive messages will be chosen for Birth flowers, Birthstones, and Zodiac Sign. Those with iPhones tapping their birthdate will come away with joy in abundance, saying "You've made my day!" Samples:
February 27 (Henry Wadworth Longfellow); March 14 (Albert Einstein); September 6 (Moses Mendelssohn); September 18 (Agnes de Mille); August 5 (Guy de Maupassant).

Mystery of Numbers (Table of Contents) (2022)
All numbers are sacred. Selecting my favorite numbers with an essay on each— 1 (Oneness), 2 (Duality), 3 (Trinity), 4 (Quaternity), 5 (Platonic Solids), 6 (1st Perfect #, Snowflake),
7 (Stars in Big Dipper), 8 (Chinese Lucky Number), 9 (Dante's number, Square of Trinity),
10 (Pythagorean Decad), 12 (Zodiac), 22 (Hebrew Kabbala), 28 (2nd Perfect Number),
33 (Freemason Highest Rank), 40 (Symbol of Transformation), 42 (Hitchhiker's Guide
to the Galaxy
), 55 (Platonic Lambda Sum), 64 (I Ching Hexagrams), 72 (Disciples of Confucius), 100 (Perfection), 108 (Hindu Mystic Number), 220 (Pythagoras Amiable Number), 322 (Skull & Bones), 1022 (Dante's Stars), 1132 (James Joyce's Finnegans Wake).

Memoirs (Table of Contents) (2023)
China Years; Dad & Mom; Growing Up in Queens, New York, Undergraduate at Columbia; Graduate Studies at Cornell; Collecting Inspiring Quotes (NY Times "Queries & Answers"); Inspiring Mentors (Albert Schweitzer, Goethe, Dante, Descartes, Einstein); Spiritual Quest (Brother David Steindl-Rast, Swami Satchitananada, Anthony Damiani, Paul Brunton, Master Subramuniya, Swami Chinmayananda, Zen Master Seung Sahn, Charlie Red Hawk); Predicting Protein Structures (Chou-Fasman Method); Writing Free-Verse Poetry; Graphic Design at Foothill College; Designing Web Site; Collecting Autographs; Stanford Lectures; Stanford Poetry Workshops; Museums Visits; My Favorite Things.)