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To study the Way is to study the Self,
To study the Self is to forget the Self,
To forget the Self is to be enlightened
by the ten thousand things

            — Dogen (1200-1253)
                 Sobogenzo Genjo-koan

Before instructing others, one should have inner enlightenment...
The task I had set myself called for long and tranquil meditations...
"Know Thyself" at the Delphi Temple was not such an easy precept
to observe... I felt fused as it were with all beings and nature.

                                — Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)
                                     Reveries of the Solitary Walker (1776)

Preface: A Google search on "enlightenment" showed 3,880,000 hits (9-18-2003) and 20,800,000 results two years later (9-20-2005)— over a fivefold increase in the subject. Approximately half of the web pages refers to the Age of Enlightenment. I still remember the Mentor paperback Age of Enlightenment showing the faces of Descartes, Voltaire, Diderot, Rousseau. These philosophers ushered in the French Revolution, overthrowing the aristocratic tradition in favor of social justice. My favorite painting was Delacroix's Liberté symbolizing not merely a political revolt, but a revolution in ideas that would liberate mankind. Years later, the image of Buddha contemplating under the Bodhi Tree symbolized for me the path to follow for spiritual enlightenment. I felt that this striving for cosmic consciousness or Eastern Enlightenment was superior to that of Western Enlightenment which appeared limited in scope confined only to the material well-being rather than that of spiritual illumination. During my meetings with Paul Brunton, a sage who lived the enlightened life, he would take me often on walks by Lake Leman in Montreux or Vevey. On Sept. 1, 1979, I watched a most beautiful sunset with Paul Brunton by the lakeside of Vevey. PB told me "That was no ordinary sunset— we sat at the same spot that Jean-Jacques Rousseau had meditated 200 years earlier." PB told me to read Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Peregrination of a Solitary Dreamer, which I've quoted above. Since Rousseau is considered by many as the Father of European Enlightenment, I have included news stories on both kinds of enlightenment— East & West. It now occurs to me that Eastern Enlightenment is not superior to the Western kind, that the sage after his spiritual illumination in the cave or desert must enter the market place as Buddha and Christ did— to share the truth so that we can all be free. May some of the news stories gathered here on enlightenment inspire us to illumined actions for the good of all. Articles of special interest are denoted by asteriks (*).

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Enlightenment from News Media Around the World

'Janaka and Ashtavakra' is a quest for knowledge, liberation, enlightenment
(Ashraf Karayath's book on ancient King Janaka who becomes obsessed in his quest
for spiritual liberation, and sage Ashtavakra teaching him; Author working in Abu Dubai) (Mathrubhumi, New Delhi, India, 8-3-2020)
Join RZA At Camp TAZO For 2-Day Guided Experience To Creative Enlightenment
(Using the ideology of Zen, the RZA and tea giant TAZO announce the return
of Camp TAZO, an overnight guided experience rooted in exploration and discovery.)
(By Marjua Estevez, BET.com, 10-28-2019)
SATORI at Artscape Opera House a Captivating Trilogy of Ballet Prowess
(True to its meaning of "enlightenment", SATORI opened Cape Town City Ballet's
Spring Season with a trilogy of works, Concerto Barocco, Sheeple, Polarity.)
(By Lindsay Kruger, Broadway World, South Africa, 10-28-2019)
Mangaluru: St Aloysius BEd College holds Deepavali celebration
(Deepavali is celebrated almost by everyone in India. The lighted diya is
the symbol of enlightenment of our minds and shed the darkness of ignorance.)
(Press Release, Daijiworld.com, India, 10-28-2019)
J.M. Vessard's New Book Visions of a Star Traveler Is a Compendium
of Mystical Life Lessons for the Body, Mind, and Spirit's Enlightenment

(She shares experiences with other star systems, galaxies, and dimensions, writes about
mentor of ancient light group going back more than hundreds of millions of years to
the higher dimensions of another galaxy and to the realms of the Divine Essence.)
(By TCP Staff, Chestnut Post, Washington DC, 10-28-2019)
Dr. Mary Neal's Newly Released "Show and Tell": Reveal the Unknown
Is an Effectual Book of Biblical Truths that Promote Enlightenment to Readers

(Progress from believing to knowing until assuring through truth of the Holy Word.)
(By TCP Staff, Chestnut Post, Washington DC, 10-28-2019)
We are responsible for our actionss
(The Buddha, after attaining enlightenment, formed sangha, and 60 men became enlightened.)
(By Venerable Dhammapiya, The Times of India, 10-28-2019)
LSD tests that heralded Denmark's second age of enlightenment
(Denmark's Frederiksberg Hospital studied effect of LSD on nearly 400 patients in 1964.
151 applicants of the 400 who were treated received compensation to 10,000 kronen.)
(By Madison Bober, CPH Post Online, Denmark, 10-26-2019)
Kanye West: Jesus Is King review— rap genius can't see the light
(Undercooked tracks on this gospel album don't delve deep enough into
West's spiritual enlightenment; nothing of God's place in the modern world.)
(By Dean Van Nguyen, The Guardian, UK, 10-26-2019)
Daniel Kehlmann Forays Into Folklore with 'Tyll'
(Kleist would approve of his taste for quasihistorical folktales, Thomas Mann would be quite
at home in his frequent juxtaposition of Enlightenment-era logic & superstitious barbarism.)
(By J.W. McCormack, Publishers Weekly, 10-25-2019)
Cosmic conflict: One view of evil's existence and God's goodness
(The Enlightenment philosopher Gottfried Leibniz coined the term theodicy.
He argued that evil is in the world to bring about a greater good.)
(By Marvin Olasky, World Magazine, 10-24-2019)
We Are All Ducks: Othering and Enlightened Self-Interest in the Nonprofit Sector
(When we help people, we also each personally benefit, and this enlightened self-interest
within the collective good is what will allow us to build our ideal world— not the patronizing
notion of selflessness, pity for the 'others", and old-school charity.)
(By Vu Lee, Non Profit Quarterly, 10-24-2019)
Eye on Education: Prussia model influences American public school system
(Frederick the Great was deeply influenced by the Enlightenment and its spreading influence on
European intellectualism, artistic expression & socio-cultural evolution. His vision for nationwide
public education system was honed upon the "yin & yang" of cultural & industrial revolutions.)
(By Stephen Davis, Daily Republic, Solano County, CA, 10-24-2019)
East Orange Seniors & Kemetic Yoga— Perfect Together
(Kemetic Yoga is an ancient Egyptian system of yoga enlightenment based upon practices
of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation.)
(By Tracy Munford, Tap Into, East Orange, NJ, 10-24-2019)
Code Ninjas brings technological 'enlightenment' to Hanover
(The company's goal is to teach young kids that there's more to computers than
instant gratification. Students learn to code in JavaScript and command robots.)
(By Adam Michael, Gettysburg Times, PA, 10-24-2019)
In Scorsese and Coppola, Marvel meets formidable foes
("Scorsese is right because we expect to learn something from cinema, we expect to gain
something, some enlightenment, some knowledge, some inspiration," said Coppola.)
(By Jake Coyle, Federal News Network, 10-23-2019)
Without widespread cultural change, the climate crisis wonÕt be solved, says UM expert
(Andrew Hoffman says that mass cultural attitudes towards climate change are underway—
coining this era the 'Re-Enlightenment'. Other times of cultural change— think
the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution, or the Protestant Reformation.)
(By Stateside Staff, Michigan Radio NPR, 10-23-2019)
Playing Video Games Is Like Pursuing Enlightenment in HP Omen's New Ads
(The arc features a troop of gamers being led by supreme humans called The Masters
as they hope to achieve the highest level of enlightenment. Achieving Gamefulness aims
to highlight the positive side of gaming by centering the player rather than the product.)
(By Shannon Miller, Adweek.com, 10-23-2019)
Overcoming German anti-Semitism
(Rational thought & scientific progress that were central to the Enlightenment did not change
the deeply embedded anti-Semitic attitudes. The fact that Jews in Germany were exemplary
citizens, later winning some 20% of Germany's Nobel prizes though less than 0.75% of its
population, indicates that anti-Semitism was very deeply entrenched in the culture.)
(By Ron Jontoff-Hutter, Israel Hayom, 10-23-2019)
We need an enlightened citizenry
(Thomas Jefferson said, "a press that is free to investigate and criticise the
government is absolutely essential in a nation that practises self-government,
and is therefore dependent on an educated and enlightened citizenry.")
(By Gerry Mullane, Weekend Australian, 10-23-2019)
There is a tale to be told: The Cauldron Crone, a night of storytelling, comes to Colfax Theater
(MacAlpin set about writing series of stories based on mythical motif of the thumb of Knowledge
and which he calls "Illumination tales". This is a recurring episode in Irish, Welsh & Norse myths
where a hero unwittingly acquires the universal wisdom of enlightenment and poetic inspiration
and elevates from the mundane level of society into the liminal numinous realm of the Gods.)
(The Union, Nevada, 10-22-2019)
Richard Dawkins Tells Joe Rogan Why Heaven Would Be "Unbelievably Boring"
(Americans who identify as Christian has declined by 12% over the last decade;
American who do not identify as religious has grown by nearly 30 million.
We've either entered an age of heathenism or one of growing enlightenment.
English evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins assumes the latter.)
(The Pulse, Nigeria, 10-22-2019)
The Way Out of the Noise Pollution Menace
(In order to tackle noise pollution head-on, and achieve a noise-free healthy environment
by the government, there should be regular public awareness, sensitisation and enlightenment
on the adverse effects of noise pollution on human health and environment.)
(By Kayode Ojewale, Premium Times, Nigeria, 10-22-2019)
Laura Dern's Tragically Short-Lived Enlightened Only Gets More Relevant With Time
(HBO comedy Enlightened ran for 18 episode 2011-2013, and was obsessed with
the idea of whether people and institutions are capable of sustained positive change.)
(By Maureen Ryan, TV Guide, 10-22-2019)
Mix of Minds is enlightening
(Oak Parkers are encouraged to seek them out for down-to-earth enlightenment.
Tour of South with guides from Northern and Southern states for contrasting views.)
(By Joanne Selden, OakPark.com, 10-22-2019)
'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn fires back at Francis Ford Coppola calling superhero movies 'despicable'
(Gunn added, "Superheroes are simply today's gangsters/cowboys/outer space adventurers.
Some superhero films are awful, some are beautiful. Like westerns and gangster movies...
not everyone will be able to appreciate them, even some geniuses.)
(By Karu F. Daniels, NY Daily News 10-22-2019)
Removing Doubt of AmitabhaÕs Deliverance Through His Name
(Amitabha Buddha says in his 18th Vow: Sentient beings in the lands of the ten directions
who sincerely and joyfully entrust themselves to me, wish to be born in my land, and call
on my Name, even ten times, should not be born there, may I not attain perfect Enlightenment.)
(By Alan Kwan, Buddhist Door, Hong Kong, 10-22-2019)
Mindfulness made part of curriculum at Barnard Castle Prep
(Pupils are being led through seven stages to enlightenment to prepare them
for the stresses and strains of modern life.)
(By Catherine Priestley, Northern Echo, South Durham, 10-21-2019)
Guiding Light: The eye of the future
(Achievements we regard as ideal, will be condemned as a self-satisfied imperfection blind to its
own errors; ideas that we vaunt as enlightenment will appear as a demi-light or a darkness.)
(By Sri Aurobindo, Free Press Journal, Mumbai, India, 10-21-2019)
An unintended Halloween fright illustrates a need for civic enlightenment
(Across the street from my downtown condo, dangling from a rope
atop the building, was a skeleton swinging to and fro.)
(By Andréa Comer, The CT Mirror, 10-21-2019)
Cycling for a cause: Say no to drugs, stubble burning
(Concluded at Sultanpur Lodhi where the first Guru of Sikhs,
Guru Nanak Dev, had attained enlightenment 550 years ago.)
(By Andréa Comer, The Tribune, India, 10-21-2019)
* Freezing the moment is not the answer
(Enlightenment does not mean you 'know' everything in the universe. It means your faculty of
perception is so uncluttered, you see everything just as it is. Enlightenment is absolute clarity.)
(By Sadhguru Jaggi Times of India, 7-31-2019)
Egypt's minister of culture inaugurates 3rd book fair of Saint Mark's Church in Alexandria
(Abdel-Dayem liked role of Saint Mark's Coptic Church spreading awareness & enlightenment.)
(By Reham El-Adawi, Ahramonline, 7-30-2019)
She Flavored Her Illustration Career With Salty Enlightenment
(Diane English's style— quirky with a New Age tint; Runs Great Cosmic Happy-Ass Card Co.)
(By Paul M. Howeyi, Ashevlle Made, North Carolina, 7-30-2019)
How To Avoid Being Victim Of Cybercrime
(Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) warns consumers who desire to be protected
while online must expose tresses to education and enlightenment to be equipped with
measures to be taken for their safety while using the Internet.)
(By dickson, Leadership, Nigeria, 7-30-2019)
Spiritual teacher prefers reaching nirvana with shopping and sex
(Spiritual teacher Biet Simkin says you can reach nirvana while shopping or having sex.)
(By Mara Siegler, Page Six, New York Post, 7-29-2019)
Pilgrims to Amarnath Cave pollute Kashmir's water
(Hindu pilgrims looking for enlightenment flock to cave in Kashmir in growing numbers.)
(By Charlotte Bellis, Al Jazeera, Doha, Qatar, 7-29-2019)
Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment
(Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, VMFA, is displaying this exhibit until August 18)
(By Virginia Museum, WTVR.com, 7-2-2019)
Thai Buddhist Tales: Rare 18th Century Manuscripts on Display in Dublin
(Chester Beatty Library exhibit "Thai Buddhist Tales: Stories along the Path to Enlightenment".)
(By Craig Lewis, Buddhistdoor Global, 6-21-2019)
11 common misconceptions about yoga that teachers want you to know about
(Teacher Adam Husler says yoga is about strength, not just flexability; Misconceptions about
yoga abound; if you can hold a handstand for ten breaths then you've achieved enlightenment.)
(By Boudicca Fox-Leonard, The Telegraph, UK, 6-21-2019)
* Zen and the new art of being a millennial monk
(Gelong Thubten: "The fastest path to enlightenment is for people to insult you. We have an
opportunity to develop forgiveness, which is a high form of compassion. A Monk's Guide.)
(By Samuel Fishwick, Evening Standard, 6-20-2019)
Major Lazer & Anitta Drop Steamy New Single "Make It Hot"
(Visual prowess of song's video shows off spiritual enlightenment, tranquility, & fiery passion.)
(By Luis Duarte, Mix247edm, Electronic Dance Music, Colorado, 6-20-2019)
Santa Barbara Science Salon: "The Myths of Vaccination & Psychology of Antivaccination"
(SB Science Salon mirrors tradition of the Enlightenment salons, where men & women
got together for intellectual stimulation followed by discussion and libations.)
(By Dr. Whitney J. Detar, edhat, Santa Barbara, 6-20-2019)
Explore San Diego: Path to Nirvana
(Lieu Quan Meditation Center is sacred ground. Home to four large graite statues from Vietnam.
They symbolize main stages of Buddha's life— from birth and enlightenment to nirvana.)
(By R. Chen, FOX 5, San Diego, 6-20-2019)
Top 5 Must-Visit Historic Monuments in North India
(Humayun's Tomb, Delhi; Fatehpur Sikri, Agra; Hawa Mahal, Jaipur; Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh
Gaya, where Buddha was enlightned while meditating under a fig tree; Gwalior Fort, Gwalior.)
(By Charu Chowdhary, India.com, Mumbai, 6-20-2019)
Print culture in 19th century Vermont on view at Bennington Museum
("Village Enlightenment: Print Culture in Rural Vermont, 1810-1860" exhibit shows
"Mason's Heart" circa 1819-1826, engraved by Moody Morse Peabody, on Freemasonry.)
(By Benninton Banner, Vermont, 6-20-2019)
Nathan the Wise still works as an argument for religious tolerance
(As one of the last and certainly most influential works by German Enlightenment thinker and
writer Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Nathan the Wise's argument for religious tolerance & level-
headed communication might not feel as revolutionary as it did when it first premiered in 1779.)
(By Carly Maga,Our Windsor, Canada, 6-19-2019)
* The observer paradox and the witness
(The mind is incapable of witnessing. Rather, it is the inner dweller, the soul, who witnesses.
Mind-consciousness creates the observer, but consciousness of the soul creates the witness.
From observer to witness to non-entity; that is the progression. For this, humility is the cardinal
quality worth cultivating. A humble heart, containing nothing but a vacuum, continuously attracts
grace and so many noble qualities in turn.)
(By Kamlesh D Patel, The Times of India, 6-19-2019))
Academe infiltrated by Marxists
(Unlike the philosophers of the Enlightenment who bravely cast their liberal-democratic
ideas into an increasingly literate world and bore the wrath of the various anciens regimes,
these 20th century academic "revolutionaries" sold their souls to Marxism-Leninism and the
dystopias it produced— Stalin's Russia and Mao's China.)
(By Jim Wilson, The Australian, 6-19-2019)
* Obituaries: Charles Reich, author of 1970 bestseller 'The Greening of America,' dies at 91
(Sensing a new spirit of enlightenment in the youth revolution of the 1960s, he put his
observations into a 1970 book, The Greening of America, that sold millions of copies &
became one of the defining manifestos of the era of hippies, psychedelic music & love beads.)
(By Matt Schudel, Washington Post, 6-18-2019))
Fred: Ramtha Is NXIVM with Underground Bunkers and Machine Guns
(J.Z Knight claims her DNA changes when Ramtha inhabits her body. Fred thinks she's a fraud.)
(By Fred, frankreport.com, 6-18-2019)
An Animated Teaching Tool That Breaks Down How Criticism and Ideology Work
["(Some of) The Mechanics of Critique" is an instructional video by Lisi Raskin that unpacks how
Enlightenment Era philosophies & epistemologies affect how we engage with world around us.]
(By Laura Raicovich, Hyperallergic.com, 6-18-2019)
Marking Scottish Enlightenment at Exhibition
(Exhibion at National Library of Scotland, June 21, 2019-August 18, 2020, celebrates
18th century Scotland as a place of enlightened discourse and debate.)
(By Kenny Smith, Scottish Field, UK, 6-18-2019)
Tibetans celebrate Buddha's life on full moon of Saka Dawa
(Saka Dawa marks the full moon of the 4th month and is considered to be
a day of celebrations and religious importance for Tibetan Buddhists)
(By ANI, Asian News International, India, 6-18-2019)
John Cusack blames 'a bot' after retweeting, deleting anti-Semitic meme
("To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize,"
the post said, quoting French Enlightenment writer and philosopher Voltaire.)
(By Chris Perez, Page Six.com, 6-17-2019)
* THE BOOK SHELF: Golfing in Bhutan leads to enlightenment for author
(Ed Hanczaryk went to the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan to teach golf, returned
to Nova Scotia a changed man and wrote a book about his inspiring journey from
learning the complex game to the path to enlightenment.)
(By Alison Lawlor, The Chronicle Herald, 6-17-2019)
* FAITH: The guru Illumines (Sri R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal : Adi Sankara is hailed as a guru
par excellence by his direct disciples who acknowledge their indebtedness to him for conferring
on them not only intellectual proficiency but also spiritual enlightenment)
(The Hindu, 6-14-2019)
Computing: Data for a new enlightenment (A new science of social physics is needed to make sense of the vast amounts of data now gathered and monitored, and to use it to help society,
all while detecting changes in the human condition.)
(by Alex Pentland, MIT Technology Review, 6-14-2019)
Saatchi Gallery hosts majestic lake Saiful Malook exhibition
[Nasser Azam visited Pakistan for spiritual reasons; "Lake Saiful Malook"
was made famous by the Sufi saint and poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh (1830-1907).]
(By Murtaza Ali Shah, The News International, Pakistan, 6-15-2019)
Technologies don't always demand either/or decisions
(Connectivity and communications may require a more complementary, rather than competitive,
approach in the LED and SSL sector; Interviews in the enLIGHTenment piece on Li-Fi vs. Wi-Fi.)
(By Carrie Meadows, LEDs Magazine, 6-14-2019)
11 Globe-Trotting Books That Pair Perfectly With Summer Adventures
(The Enlightenment of Bees by Rachel Linden about Mia West taking
a trip around the world that will teach her about her true purpose in life.)
(She Reads, BRIT+CO, 6-14-2019)
Reclaiming Autonomy = Rejecting Bureaucracy
(Like Max Weber, Michel Foucault valued the rational/scientific legacy of the Enlightenment,
but deplored the "management" of "employees/citizens" that came in its wake.)
(By William Manson, Dissident Voice, 6-13-2019)
* The Bonfire of Desire
(Meditation is like base camp for summit, it acclimates your attitude, for higher realms, or heaven)
(By Cheryl Oreglia, Good Men Project, 6-13-2019)
Interview: Religious reform 'a matter of life and death'— Cairo University head
(Cairo University President Mohamed Othman Al-Khisht says his main job
is to spread the message of enlightenment & religious reform to every part of Egypt.)
(By Gamal Essam El-Din, Ahramonline, Egypt, 6-13-2019)
Honest Timeline: Your First (and Futile) Attempt at a Hot Yoga Class
(Not only will you convince yourself you're on track to pseudo-enlightenment,
you'll sweat more than you knew possible & most likely want to die afterward.)
(By Sabrina Cognata, Mandatory Media, Los Angeles, 6-13-2019)
5 Georgian ghost hoax
(The 18th century may be known as the Age of Enlightenment but that
doesn't mean that Britons' fear of the supernatural had passed into history.)
(By Martha McGill, BBC History Magazine, Bristol, UK, 6-13-2019)
The Intellectual Revolution That Made the Modern Western World
(Enlightenment values spurred political liberty & capitalism, but is this the end of the story?)
(By Daniel McCarthy, The American Conservative, 6-13-2019)
Guest View: People are Blind to Ramtha's Abusive Behavior
(J.Z. Knight, the founder and leader of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, claims that
"Ramtha", a 35,000-year-old warrior-spirit, enters her body and speaks through her. )
(By Sumbuddy, Artvoice, Buffalo, NY, 6-12-2019)
For the gender-fluid, pope's enlightenment has soul-crushing limits
(Pope Francis has questioned the fitness of gays and lesbians to be priests and nuns)
(By Yvonne Abraham, Boston Globe, 6-12-2019)
Review: Best Selling Spiritual & Enlightenment Books (2019-06-11)
(The Four Gospels: New Metaphysical Version;