My Favorite Things

“Poetry Painting & Music: the three Powers
in Man of conversing with Paradise which
the flood did not sweep away.”

— William Blake, A Vision of the Last Judgment(1810)

My Favorite Poems

Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy (1321)
William Wordsworth, Tintern Abbey (1798)
Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass (1855)

My Favorite Paintings

Raphael, School of Athens (1508)
Albrecht Dürer, Melencolia I (1514)
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Dance at Bougival (1883)

My Favorite Music

Pachelbel, Pachelbel's Canon in D (17th century)
Mozart, Piano Concerto #21 in C major (1785)
Beethoven, 9th Symphony: Ode to Joy (1823)

My Favorite Websites

Virtual Parks: (360º Panoramic Views of Nature)
Larsons Publications: (Insightful Books)
New York Times: (Cybertimes: Internet Technology)
Nobel Foundation: (Bios & Photos of Nobel Laureates)
Sistine Chapel:
(Michelangelo's vision from the many to the one)
Web Museum: (Paintings by themes & artists)

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