Navigating the Internet

Instructor: Peter Y. Chou, CTIS Division, Foothill College (July 6, 1998)

Gopher Search via Netscape Communicator

(1) Type gopher:// in Location box.
(2) When Gopher Menu appears, click Twin Cities Campus Gopher Server. Bookmark.
(3) Click on 6th folder— Libraries
(4) Click last folder— Reference Works
(5) In folder "Periodic Table of the Elements", find chemical data for Silicon (Copy to Word).
(6) In CIA World Fact Book (1991), Click Appendix D: Weights and Measures.
(7) How many zeros are there in a trillion? quadrillion? quintillion?
(8) How big is a gigabyte of memory on a computer? a terabyte? a petabyte?
(9) How many milliliters & teaspoons are there in a tablespoon? (Use Command-F).
(10) In CIA World Fact Book, compare area of the Pacific Ocean with the United States (Open file "Pacific Ocean" in folder P).
(11) Which part of the Pacific is dominated by a clockwise, warm water gyre & which part by a counterclockwise, cool water gyre?
(12) What is the capital of Pitcairn Islands? What is their ethnic origin? What's their economy & their major sources of revenue?
(13) Imagine that you're a jewelry merchant, a fruit wholesaler, a golf club manufacturer. You need to import raw materials for your business. Which countries have sources of pearls? pineapples? titanium?
(Hint: Double Click on "Search CIA World Fact Book 1991". When Dialog box appears, enter: pineapples. Repeat: pearls & titanium). Copy URL & results to your Word page.
(14) Return to first Gopher menu that you bookmarked & Click on 7th folder— News.
(15) Open "Weather Service Satellite Maps"
(16) Scroll down & Open folder "weather machine at University of Illinois"
(17) Open folder "Satellite Images"
(18) Scroll down & Open folder "Pacific-Western (GOES9) Visible (med=600x548)"
& Click File 98070321.

(19) Weather Satellite image taken on July 3, 1998 at 21 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or 11 am Pacific Time.
(20) Scale 90% (Page Setup) if you wish to Print this image.

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