LINC-405: Label on Bottle

Beginning Technology Skills
Foothill College: Fall 2021
September 20-December 10, 2021

Instructors: Kim Randall, William Cavada, Gene Tognetti

September 20, 2021

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface— I enrolled in the online class LINC-405 in Summer 2021. The 7 assignments done were assembled in LINC-405 Summer 2021. William Cavada rolled me over to take LINC-405 this Fall Quarter. Attended the first LINC-405 class via Zoom on September 20, 2021. Since I took Adobe Photoshop with Cavada (June 2017), asked him how to place a label on a bottle.
He said use "warp" in "Transform" Edit Menu. Below is step-by-step process how this was
done to create the "Zeus Juice" energy drink bottle.


1. Finding a Bottle—

Nos Energy Drink
Unlike wine and liquor bottles that have long thin necks,
energy drink bottles are more sturdy and compact without the long neck. Samples are Energy Drink, Gatorade Beverage, Shield Electrolye Drink, Powerade Sports Drink, Hype Beverage, 5-Hour Energy Shot, Endure Sports Drink, Venom Black Mamba Energy Drink.
After some comparisons, selected Nos Energy Drink.

Long-neck wine bottles

2. Finding Image of Zeus—

Zeus with Lightning Bolt
While there are hundreds of portraits
of the Olympian God Zeus in Google
Images, selected the one showing Zeus
with a lightning bolt in his hand ( The image at left is 1044x768 pixels. When cropped it is 602x747 pixels.

Cropped Image of Zeus

3. Pasting Zeus on the Bottle—

Zeus on Bottle
Copy & Paste Image of Zeus
(602x747 pixels) on the
Nos Energy Drink Bottle.
4. Resized Zeus on the Bottle—

Zeus Resized
Go to Edit Menu in Photoshop;
Select Transform & Scale
to fit Zeus label on Bottle.

5. Warp Zeus label on Bottle—

Warped Zeus
Label & Trimmed
Go to Edit Menu
in Photoshop;
Select "Warp" to wrap
Zeus label on Bottle.
Trim excess on outside.
6. Bottle with Yellow Background—

Used light yellow
(RGB: 255/255/153)
as background color

7. Type Zeus Juice on Bottle—

Zeus Juice
on the Bottle
Font: Luminari
30 pt strong
at top of Bottle
8. Type Energy Drink on Bottle—

Energy Drink
on the Bottle
Font: Luminari
18 pt strong
at bottom of Bottle

9. Finished Product: Zeus Juice—

Zeus Juice Energy Drink
Premium energy drink—
Menthol, eucalyptus,
peppermint, jasmine tea,
spinach & kale extracts,
kiwi, lemon and lime,
carbonated water,
bubbles of oxygen,
secret "x" ingredient—
Zeus Juice— favorite
of Olympics champions.
No wonder they're sold out.
Need to order a case next time.

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