LINC-405: Module 1

Beginning Technology Skills
Foothill College: Summer 2021

Instructor: Cassandra Pereira

July 10, 2021

By Peter Y. Chou

Module 1 Assignment—
1. Set up your Canvas Profile—
2. Set your Canvas Notifications—
3. Check your badges—
4. Navigate between the Home Page and this Module—


1. Canvas Profile—

Peter at Squaw Valley
Poetry Workshop (1989)
Photo by Sharon Olds

I've done research in Prediction Protein Structures from
amino acid sequences (1970-1980). Turned my love to
poetry. The two disciplines are connected. Proteins are
the language of life. Poetry is the language of the human
heart. My web site shares this vision,
bringing cosmic awareness to everyday life.

Enjoy Teaching poetry to kids

Enjoy Sharing wisdom (Tour);

2. Canvas Notifications—
Course Notification Settings
My Foothill College email @ is not working.
So choose Yahoo Mail @ to use for this course.
Choose #3 Daily Summary for all the 21 items except two items
#1 Notify Immediately for Announcement, Appointment Cancellations.

3. Check Badges—
Course Badges
This web page has columns of badges for completion
of each project. The badge earned is clear, while
future badges are shaded. This is treating us like
little kids giving us a lollipop for good behavior.
At left is "Course Orientation Badge" earned.

4. Navigate between Home Page and this Module—
Home Page
50W Cassandra Pereira 10787
Module 1 Page
3 sections:
Objectives (Learn to navigate in Canvas system);
Activities (4 activities in this lesson; see top of page);
Outcomes (Earn Orientation Badge & Unlock next lesson).

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