Peter's Poems: Index

An Enlightened Story

And I Disagree

Are You Solid or Empty?

Ask Questions

Baseball Memories


Beauty Honesty Balance

Blue Heaven, Green Earth

Breathe In... Breathe Out...


Celestial Tree

Death Is More Than Life

Door of Life

Do You Know Who You Are?

Emily Dickinson's Flight on the 17th

Empty as the Letter O

The Enlightened Sage

Expectancy, Love, Openness

Fate Versus Free Will

Free Will Is Not So Free

Glorious Setting Sun

How I Learned to Dance

How They Fall

Humour, Simplicity, Inspiration

If the Clouds Should Break

Links of Rings

The M Showed Me

Mango's Mystery

Matter & Mystery

O Wonderful!

On Intuition

On the Nature of the One

Passing On to the Other Shore

Pondering About Poetry

Quickstep to the Rich & Famous

Reincarnation Reflections 1

Reincarnation Reflections 2

Release, Strength, Transformation

Requiem for a Mouse

Sacred Geometry

Seven Pines at Woeber House

Sleeping Tree of Lake Laguinta

Some Questions for Robo-Man

Study of Transformation

Sweetest Sacred Sound

Thanksgiving Prayer

That Which Cannot Be Given

Tiger Balm

Tiger Story

Tree Poem

Two Eyes in the Earth

Under the Apricot Tree

Understanding, Transformation, Light

Vegetarian King

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Where Are You?

White Clouds, White Wings

X Marks the Spot

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