Telnet to Libraries & Online Passwords
Library Password
Library of Congress

No login required. Type 1 (Library of Congress Catalog)
Choice File: Type 3 (BOOKS cataloged since 1975)
Type: find t internet (books with Internet in title)
Type quit or exit to return to main menu

To exit: type 12 to Log off on main menu.
New York Public Library

At Login prompt, type: leo (lower case only)
Type 1 on main menu (to enter online catalog)

To exit: type 7 to Log off on main menu

login: library (Return). Password: Hit Return key
Type 1 (to search Barton catalog)
Type tw= (for title search)

To exit: select 4 on main menu
Stanford University

Account? type Socrates
OK to proceed: Yes.
On main menu, type find (to begin search)

To exit: type exit
Foothill College


Login: type public & hit Return key. PIN: type public
Terminal type: VT100 & Hit Return key

To exit: type E
Mountain View Library
TELNET: Not available

Click on Logo at left for World Wide Web access

To exit: Click box at upper left window
Palo Alto City Library

At Login prompt, type: library
Terminal type: VT100

To exit: type 11 to Log off on main menu
Santa Clara County Library

Login: public. Type q (to access online catalog)

To exit: type 8 (Logoff) on main menu

Click on logo in Library column for World Wide Web interface or Telnet directly in Password column.

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