Business Card
(circa 1995)
Thomas Mangelsen:
Images of Nature

Edited by Peter Y. Chou

Mangelsen: Buffalo Fork Crossing
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Preface: While compiling photos for my "Mountain Photography" web page, four of Thomas Mangelsen's
photos from Colorado, Wyoming, & Alaska were chosen. Recalled buying a box of his "Images of Nature"
cards showing birds & wildlife. Mailed Mangelsen's "December Deer" card to Prof. Harold A. Scheraga
today for his 97th birthday. Inside the card box was a brochure "Images of Nature", his business card on
227 University Ave, Palo Alto, and receipt dated 6/30/1995. The price for the box of 10 cards was $20.00
plus $1.55 tax for $21.55. It was the most expensive box of greeting cards ever bought. After finding
Thomas Mangelsen's web site Images of Nature Gallery, decided to send these beautiful images as
birthday cards for close friends in the last two years. Ten images from the card box are shown below.

"Images of Nature" Brochure

#1475: "November Snows: Bald Eagles"

#1799: "December Deer"

#1467: "Eagle Among the Glaciers"

#1698: "Catch of the Day"

#1130: "December Ermine"

#1225: "Shores of Wonder Lake"

#1473: "Winter Aspens"

#2401: "Bad Boys of the Arctic: Polar Bears"

#1653: "Misty Morning Eagle

#1599: "Winter Ghost: Snowy Owl"

Thomas Mangelsen (Born: 1945, Nebraska)

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