Brandt, Entrepreneuring: Building a Growth Company Steven C. Brandt
Entrepreneuring: Ten Commandments for Building a Growth Company
Archipelago Publishing, Friday Harbor WA 98250, 1997

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1st Commandment
Picking Business Partners:
Limit the number of primary participants to people who can consciously agree upon and contribute directly to that which the enterprise is to accomplish, for whom, and by when.
2nd Commandment
What Business are You In?:
Define the business of the enterprise in terms of what is to be bought, precisely by whom, and why.
3rd Commandment
Focus, Focus, Focus:
Concentrate all available resources on accomplishing two or three specific operational objectives within a given time period.
4th Commandment
Preparing a Business Plan:
Prepare and work from a written plan that delineates who in the total organization is to what, by when.
5th Commandment
Hiring Smart:
Employ key people with proven records of success at doing what needs to be done in a manner consistent with the desired value system of the enterprise.
6th Commandment
Setting Standards; Rewarding Performance:
Reward individual performance that exceeds agreed upon standards.
7th Commandment
Walk Before You Run:
Expand methodically from a profitable base toward a balanced business.
8th Commandment
Go With the (Cash) Flow:
Project, monitor, and conserve cash and credit capability.
9th Commandment
Health is Wealth:
Maintain a detached point of view.
10th Commandment
Seeing Around Corners:
Anticipate incessant change by periodically testing adopted business plans for their consistency with the realities of the world marketplace.

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