Students, Teachers, and Poets on the CPITS Program

“I use poetry to get things off
my mind. It clears my head.”

— Louis Pasini, 5th grade
Dunbar Elementary School, Glen Ellen

“Poetry stretches your imagination
and helps you explain things easier.”

— Daniel Roy, 5th grade
Mountain View Elementary, Concord

“Listen to these young poets and
you'll discover the voice of the present
and hear the voice of the future
before the future is even here.”

— Philip Levine, On the Other Side of that Window:
California Poets in the School 1993 Statewide Anthology

“I wish I had been exposed to your program
as a child. No question it would have made me
a better writer, if not a poet.”

— Albert Elsen, Stanford Professor of Art History
(9-11-92 Letter to CPITS Poet-Teacher, Peter Y. Chou)

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