LINC-405: Google Slides

Beginning Technology Skills
Foothill College: Summer 2021

Instructor: Kim Randall

July 29, 2021

By Peter Y. Chou

Google Slides Assignment—
1. Use Theme Background for Presentation with Title—
2. Title each slide with uploaded image—
3. Add Speaker Notes to one of the slides—
4. Use Transition and Animation in final slide—


1. Presentation Slide with Title—

Slide 1: "Elephant Postage Stamps"

2. Title Slide with Uploaded Image—
Simoor #11-18: Elephant (1895)

Slide 2: Sirmoor #11-18 Elephant (1895)

Speaker Notes to Slide 2—
On June 22, 2021, Ann emailed me a 6 pies
Elephant stamp from Sirmoor, a feudatory
state in Punjab, India. Learned it was issued
in 1895. Priced at $14.70 in my 1975 Scott's
Stamp Catalogue
, it sold for $220 at the
2017 Cherrystone Stamps Auction,
which I've downloaded (left)

3. Title Slides with Uploaded Images—

Slide 3: Laos #41-47: Elephant (1958)

Slide 4: Angola #364:
African Elephant (1953)

Slide 5: Burma #2N45:
Asian Elephant (1943)

4. Title Slides with Uploaded Images—

Slide 6: Belgian Congo #55:
Hunting Elephants (1915)

Slide 7: Vietnam #63:
Hunters on Elephants (1957)

4. Text on Source of Images—
86 Postage Stamps on Elephants

After downloading the 8 elephant stamps from Simoor (1895)
and 7 elephant stamps from Laos (1958), I searched through
my three 1975 Scott's Postage Stamps Catalogues, and located
86 elephant stamps from Africa and Asia.
They are presented on my web site—
Elephant Stamps Issued Before 1975
Elephant Stamps Issued After 1975
Slide 8: Text on Source of Images

5. Slides from Other Sites—
Photos from San Francisco Zoo

On August 27, 2019,
visited the San Francisco Zoo.
Took 87 photos formatted
on my web site—
There are no elephants on exhibit at the zoo.
However there is a "Baby Elephant Statue"
near the Otter River (left).
Slide 9: Slides from Other Sites

6. Video from Other Sites—
Video: Baby Elephant Sliding Downhill

A 3-month baby elepant slides down
a muddy hill in China for fun
Slide 10: Video from Other Sites

7. Final Slide with Text Animation—
Elephant Postage Stamps

1) Simoor #11-18 Elephant (1895)
2) Laos #41-47 Elephants (1958)
3) Angola #364 African Elephant (1953)
4) Burma #2N45 Asian Elephant (1943)
5) Belgian Congo #55 Hunting Elephants (1915)
6) Vietnam #63 Hunters on Elephants (1957)
Slide 11: Final Slide with Text Animation (No animation unless on Google Drive)

Lessons to be learned in Google Slides
• In this interactive lesson, you will learn and practice the following skills:
• Create a new Google Slides presentation
• Copy, paste, and link slides from one presentation to another
• Apply themes and layouts to customize slides
• Include speaker notes
• Add slide numbers
• Format text in Google Slides
• Design animations and transitions

What are some topics you might like to create a presentation about?
Postage stamps on African and Asian Elephants

Activity: Review Vocabulary

Lesson Reflection:
Which part of your presentation was easiest to create? Why?

Upload photos to slides since I have
these images in my folders on my Laptop.

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