LINC-90C: Module 3b
Banner Making in Canva

Instructor: Kim Randall

March 21, 2021

By Peter Y. Chou

Module 3b Assignment—
Make a banner for your Google Site in Canva. There are a couple of steps to take to set this up correctly. I'll list them below as well add in a screencast for you to watch. 1) Once you have signed into Canva, click on the purple button in the top right hand corner that says "Create a Design"
2) In the window that pops up, select "Custom Size" down at the bottom
3) Enter width & height in px (pixels). For the banner you can enter 800x200 px
(width x height in px). You can also play around with or try 1400x425 px.
4) It will then bring you into a blank white page for you to design.
At the top you will see untitled design next to the share button.
Please rename it: "Your Last Name Winter21 Linc 90C Banner"
(So mine would be Randall Winter21 Linc 90C Banner)
5) From here you can begin your design! Try out the suggested templates
and then customize yours by adding elements or changing fonts and colors, etc.
6) Once you have your design set you'll then need to download it.
The download button is in the upper right hand corner.
You can use the default settings and download as a .png
7) Next open up your Google Site you created in Module 1.
Find the header, select banner, & upload your banner you just downloaded from Canva.
(Note it will likely look darker due to Google adjusting it for accessibility).

What You Will Turn In Via Canvas
Since this is about making a design in Canva and collaborating, please turn in
the share link to your Canva creation in to Canvas. (Hopefully that's not confusing,
these are named similarly)!
Finding the share link in Canva:
1) Go back to your design in Canva
2) Find the share button (to the left of the download button) and click on it
3) A window will open and scroll to the bottom where it says "Share a link".
It will give you options for edit, template, or view. Please select either
edit or view (either one is fine). Then select copy link.
4) Come back to this assignment in Canvas and in the assignment
submission submit paste the link, and submit.
5) I will look at your design in Canva and Google Sites.
6) Screencast Assignment Walk Through


Doing this Assignment "Module 3b" in HTML

1) Sign Up to Free Canva Account
Following Kim's direction,
went to Canva's Home Page.
Clicked upper right corner
"Sign Up" They offer Sign Up
wih Google, Facebook, Email.
Chose Email:
and 14-letter&number password.
Purple button (top right hand)
corner— "Create a Design"
Select "Custom Size" (800x200 px)
Blank white page for you to design
"Chou Winter21 Linc 90C Banner"

2) Try out Canva's suggested templates
Typing in 800x200 px in custom design
provided selection of templates at the left.
Scrolled down over 100 templates to use.
You may change the text in the template
to your liking, but upper-case fonts
cannot be changed to lower case fonts.
Have not explored changing color of fonts,
placing symbols or resizing template images.

3) Chose template "Explore the Wonders of Learning"

4) Change to "Explore the Wonders of"

5) Chose template "Go Beyond"
For this "Banner Making" assignment,
Kim suggested we enter 800 x 200 px
for Custom Size. Also told us to play
around with or try 1400 x 425 px size.
Selecting the larger dimension gave
a different set of templates.

6) Change to "Explore the Wonders of"
Since lot of templates appear
cluttered, I chose "Go Beyond" with
minimal text & expansive ocean
view to showcase my website—
"Explore the Wonders of"

7) Using Banner to Create Canva Logo
Canva's "Your Story" provided hundreds of posters with many intriguing titles. I selected 8 of these titles that inspired a poem "My Story". Need a Canva logo banner as heading for this poem. Found a "Welcome" template that was redesigned in Adobe Photoshop (don't know how to do this in Canva yet). Erased "welcome' to provide text-free background; Pasted a "Canva" logo inside banner; Went to Edit "Transform: Scale" to make Canva logo fit in the banner; Used BrushScript font (60 pixel) for type. Canva's template "Anything Worth Having Takes Time" inspired another poem "Spinoza".

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