Found Eyes

Photo © Nancy Dean Mercury: "Found Eyes" in ground between Kona & Kamuela, Hawaii


glance up at me from hardened lava
surrounded by scattering of loose rocks.

How far down you go— a mile or two?
If I drop a tiny pebble in you—

will I hear a splash or an echo?
or will you spew forth volcanic fire,
a dragon's ire from the belly of earth?

O Stone Man— did a glance from a Gorgon
turn your flesh to stone? Speak if you can.

O Mudman of Papua and New Guinea—
what are you doing here in Hawaii?

O Moon Man— can you tell me the taste
of the Elixir of Immortality?

O Earth Man— a masked god dancing
on coals of fire, a shaman inducing

me to trance— my body shattered in
the spirit world— my eyes now

ten thousand— and everywhere I turn—
birds, flowers, and trees— all I see is me!

— Peter Y. Chou
     Mountain View, 9-18-2003

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