three words she picked from her deck
of Angel Cards, and she wonders
on the meaning of it all.
Understanding— delights the mind
Transformation— nurtures the body
Light— illuminates the soul.

When I think of understanding— I recall
King Solomon, how he desired not gold
or silver but understanding, this wellspring
of life that brought wisdom to his judgments,
glory to his temple, beauty to his songs,
this gift that grows the more we give it away.

When I think of transformation— Chuang Tzu's
butterfly dream flutters by, his delight in
countless transitions while living in the Tao
that's beyond change. Butterfly to man or
man to butterfly— Ah! man is the body,
butterfly the soul, one yearning for the other.

When I think of light— I see Beatrice guiding
Dante's flight through paradise, he now lighter
than a feather, a soaring flame to the Rose
of pure light, light of mind, light filled with love,
love of true goodness, love filled with happiness,
joy surpassing all sweetness, this love of light.

The sages understand this transformation
from lead into gold, darkness into light,
ignorance into knowledge. Plato knew it well—
when we stand under the stars at night
we're transformed and understand that our roots
are not here on earth but in the light of heaven.

Peter Y. Chou
Mountain View, Oct. 25, 2000

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