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Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus

As soon as my age freed me from subjection to my tutors,
I entirely abandoned the study of books. And, resolved
to seek for no other knowledge than the knowledge
I might find in myself, or else in the great book of the world.

— René Descartes, Discourse on Method(1637)

The above quote from Descartes is similar to an ink drawing of Hui-Neng, the Sixth Zen Patriarch, tearing up a Buddhist Sutra. While scriptures and wisdom books are helpful to the spiritual aspirant on the quest for enlightenment, in the end we must turn inward to find Buddha Mind or the Kingdom of Heaven. The pointer is not the pointed. If someone points to the moon, and we look only at the finger, we'll never see the moon. Likewise, the scriptures are the pointers (guides) to reality, but are not reality in themselves. Nevertheless, I've compiled some books and inspiring quotes that have helped me in the quest. May they be useful to those seeking more understanding on art and the spirit.

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