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The Circle

Without beginning or end, the circle represents eternity, infinity, and perfection. It is often used as a symbol of God. Its circumference is related with circular movement. The circle or disk is an emblem of the sun, especially when it is surrounded by rays. It is related to the number 10, since multiplicity returns to unity with each decade, thus symbolizing renewal & eternal return. The corresponding alchemical symbol is the Ouroborus— a dragon or serpent biting its own tail. Kékulé had this dream that led to the discovery of the benzene ring in organic chemistry. The Ouroborus embraces all cyclical systems— unity, multiplicity, and the return to unity; evolution & involution; birth, growth, decay, and death; expanding & contracting universe. The Chinese Yin-Yang symbol represents the ebb and flow of day & night, male & female, heaven & earth, spirit & matter— all within the great circle of the Tao.

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