Issue #2 Tuesday, June 30, 1998 Edited by Peter Y. Chou
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Clinton's Second Inaugural Address (1-20-97) may be found at You don't have to read the whole speech to find his Internet metaphors. Just enter "Internet" in the Find box & check Wrap Search.

You'll find the passage half way through his speech. Highlight the two sentences (Drag the mouse's cursor from "Ten years ago, the Internet..." to "millions of school children.").

Press Command-C to copy (The Command key has the Apple logo & Clover icon on it). Bring the Word window in front of the Netscape Communicator window by clicking the Word software menu in the Icon at the upper right corner of your screen monitor. Now Press Command-V to paste.

If you forget these shortcut keyboard commands, go to the Edit menu to do your copy & paste.
Remember to save your files so you don't lose your work. Go to File menu; Scroll to Save As: "YourName-Lesson#-(Date)" on the Desktop.

Search Engines & Portals
Yesterday's issue (6-29-98) of San Jose Mercury News featured "The Promise of Portals" by David L. Wilson with the subheading "Entry point for Net users seen as huge money maker, but some aren't so sure." However, if you searched for the article in their 7-Day Archive, you won't find it using the heading or subheading or author as keywords. But if you typed in the first words of the article "Last year, people were going to make"— the article "Portals: Entry to Net or doors to nowhere?" appeared in a list of 58 results from 1740 documents searched. Apparently the continuation heading was used to index this article. An informative glossary from the newspaper was not included in their online edition, so I've typed them below for your reference:
Portal: A Web site designed as a starting point for Web surfers. The business strategy depends on attracting a large number of users to the site, which translates into higher advertising revenues and higher fees charged to other sites that want a prime link on the portal site.
Eyeballs: Number of people who visit a site or see an ad. The more eyeballs, the more advertisers pay the host Web site.
Page Views: The number of Web pages unique visitors have called up from a Web site. Page views are a measure of usage or popularity, much like a paid circulation for a magazine.
Search Engine: The foundation of many portals, search engines are Web sites that help Internet users find individual Web pages by keyword or topic.
Gateway Giants
NameVisitors in Millions

New York Times, June 19, 1998, C3

On this day, June 30—
President Abraham Lincoln signed Senate Bill 203, the Yosemite Land Grant, on June 30, 1864. With the bill's passage by Congress, more than 39,000 acres of the Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove in California was preserved as the first U.S. national scenic reserve "for public use, resort, and recreation." Visit the Library of Congress
Today in History: June 30 "Nearly all the park is a profound solitude. Yet it is full of charming company, full of God's thoughts..."
— John Muir, Our National Parks (1901)
Copy the full Muir quote to your Word page.
Download the Vernal Fall photo to your desktop's hard disk. Place your mouse cursor on the photo. Press down & scroll to "Save this image as". This file "yosemcon.gif" appears on the hard disk. Copy it to your disk.

Margaret Mitchell's book, Gone with the Wind was published on this day in NYC (June 30, 1936)
Explore Margaret Mitchell House:
What award did she win in 1937?
Where did Mitchell write her book?
What corporation is restoring her house?
Go to the Margaret Mitchell page at Britannica Online and find how many copies of Gone with the Wind was sold by 1965.

Czeslaw Milosz was born June 30, 1911 in Seteiniai, Lithuania. Since1961, he has been Professor of Slavic Languages & Literatures at UC Berkeley. He was awarded the 1980 Nobel Prize for Literature. At the Nobel Foundation website (, you'll find a press release, his biography, Nobel lecture, selected poems, and other resources.
What did he see in his poem "Encounter"?

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