Pamela Drive Palms in Backyard
& Foothill College Trees & Clouds

Photographs from Mountain View (March 1, 9, 2014),
Los Altos Hills: Foothill College (March 1, 8, 2014),
Palo Alto: Foothill College (March 5, 2014)

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: The 37 photos on this web page were taken during March 1-9, 2014. When Jack and I left the Krause Center at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, on Saturday, March 1, 2014, we noticed some jumbo cumulus clouds from Parking Lot 4 around 5:45 pm. After Jack drove me home to my Pamela Drive Apartments in Mountain View, it was near sunset with a lovely glow in the sky. I fetched my camera and went to the backyard for photos (6:04-6:17 pm). A mother with young daughter was on the apartment balcony cellphoning her friend: "Look at the sunset, a neighbor is snapping photos of palms against the sunset." Later, I wrote this haiku— "Loop branch on tree / next to my apartment and / tall palms glow in sunset." There's a small tree outside my kitchen window forming a loop, so I call it "Loop Tree" not knowing its name. The eight palm trees in my backyard can be seen towering in the horizon as I wait for the bus at El Camino Real & Phyllis Ave. I often stop by the "The Graces" Palm Trees and ask them to bless me with civility. On Wednesday, March 5, snapped a photo of "Staircase" Clouds near Showers Drive, Mountain View (1:08 pm). Later a friend told me to take photos of the beautiful pink & yellow blossoming trees at Foothill College Middlefield Campus, Palo Alto. On Friday, March 7 (12:28 pm), took photo of "Polar Bear" & "Dragon" clouds outside Foothill Seamans Library. More cloud photos were taken on Saturday, March 8 at Foothill Krause Center (12:30 pm & 5:45 pm). Photos from Sunday, March 9 (6:20 & 6:41 pm) showed dark clouds on Bay Street, Mountain View, but bright "Seagull & Flaming Clouds" on the other side of the sky.

Distant Clouds, Foothill College

Cumulus Clouds, Foothill College

"Shark" Cloud, Foothill College

Loop Tree in Backyard

Loop Tree in Pamela Drive

Loop Tree & Two Palms

Loop Tree & Two Palms

Loop Tree in Pamela Drive

Pamela Drive Backyard Tree

Five Tall Palm Trees

Loop Tree Root

Loop Tree Root 2

Loop Tree Root 3

Loop Tree & Two Palms

Two Palms to the Sky

Pamela Drive: Six Palms

"Three Graces" Palm Trees

Majestic Palm Tree

Five Palms & Clouds

Three Palms & Clouds

Pink Blossoms, Middlefield

Staircase Clouds

Pink & Yellow Blossoms, Middlefield

Pink Blossoming Trees

Pink Blossoming Trees, Middlefield (1)

Pink & Yellow Flowers, Middlefield

Clouds over Seamans Library

Racing Clouds, Foothill College

"Wide Jaw Shark" Cloud

Clouds over Foothill College

"White Dove" Cloud, Krause Center

Rays of Clouds, Krause Center

"Dove & Shark" Clouds, Krause Center

Dark Clouds, Bay Street, Mountain View

Seagull & Flaming Clouds, Bay Street

Seagull Closeup, Mountain View

— Peter Y. Chou, Photographed March 1-9, 2014

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