LINC-405: Google Gmail

Beginning Technology Skills
Foothill College: Summer 2021

Instructor: Kim Randall

August 7, 2021

By Peter Y. Chou

Google Gmail Assignment—
In this interactive lesson, you will learn
and practice the following skills:
• Personalize email settings, • Compose and send emails to one or more recipients, • Insert images, • Share files, • Use chat and video, • Manage contacts and inboxes, • Search for and sort messages, • Use Gmail offline.
1. Pause & Refect—
How is email an effective way to communicate
with a group about the same topic?
Instructor can inform her class of 20 students to write a poem on the "COVID-19 Pandemic";
Cancel live classroom meeting; Use Zoom video.

2. Open Gmail Account & Send an Email—
Email to Alfred Guzman, 8-7-2021 @10:20 pm

Because above image is from Photoshop, web links are not working.

3. Gmail: Check for Understandinding—

4. Insert Photos & Videos in Gmail—
Since I cannot insert images in texts in Yahoo Mail, except as attachments,
sent Al Guzman gmail (August 8, 2021, 6:15 pm) on "Wisdom Mudra" with images
of WPI seminar on Wisdom Mudra, Book cover showing Einstein in wisdom mudra pose,
Richard Feynman with "double wisdom mudra". and Video of Feynman on "Rubber Bands"

Above email assembled in Photoshop from 6 screen
shots, so web links to images and video cannot be done.

5. Sending Multiple-Emails in Gmail—
I've never sent out multiple emails, preferring one at a time,
as I write some personal message for each correspondent.
For this LINC-405 Google Gmail assignment, I'm sending
multiple emails to Al, Rudy, and Karen on seeing the next
movie "Black Widow" @ 12:20 pm at Century Cinema 16—

6. Search Features in Yahoo Mail—
• Since I just opened a account, and have sent one email,
the search features in cannot be fully utilized. Instead,
I'll use search features in Yahoo Mail as I have thousands of emails
since 2004. Receive 30 emails daily, dozens from Google notices on
"Poetry" and "Enlightenment". Since I don't have time to read them,
my InBox has ballooned to 110,308. Yahoo Mail has a good Spam
Filter, so emails I label as "Spam" get automatically deleted,
so just have 1-3 spams in my Spam Box daily.
• Using Date Search in History, located emails written to me
on the same date (2-11-2010) by world's most prolific novelist
Joyce Carol Oates since Balzac & America's best current poet Kay Ryan

• After my roommate, Steve Gould, in Cambridge, Mass (1970-71), reconnected
with me around 2003 (we were both postdocs at Brandeis University, and received our
chemistry doctorates at Cornell), Steve would email me about his museum visits in NYC
and Europe. I'd send him my Poems and Notes of Stanford lectures and movies seen.
Searching by Correspondents, is a record of our correspondences from 2004 to present.
• Searching by Subjects such as "Platonic Lambda" and "Wisdom Mudra" will show
emails sent from 2004 to present whenever these items inspire a poem, or found images
placed in folders for future references.

7. Gmail: Check for Understandinding 2—

7. Lesson Reflection:
What features of Gmail have you learned about now that
you feel would help you have a more organized inbox?
Using Archive to make InBox less cluttered.
Insert images within texts instead of attachments.

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