LINC-405: Google Drawings

Beginning Technology Skills
Foothill College: Summer 2021

Instructor: Kim Randall

August 9, 2021

By Peter Y. Chou

Google Drawings Assignment—
In this interactive lesson, you will learn
and practice the following skills:
• Open a Google Drawings template, • Adjust the size of the canvas, • Choose a background color, • Insert text box(es), • Insert text, • Format text font, styling, color, and alignment, • Insert image(s) from the web, • Drag image(s) to the canvas, • Format image(s).
1. Pause & Reflect—
How do you usually tell others about
an event or other major activity?
For August 28, 1993 Poetry Reading at Stanford's Gates of Hell, designed this flyer—

2. Open Google Drawings Template & Make Promotional Flyer—
The template was 10"x7.5" is size. Tried to resize the canvas to
8.5"x11" without success. Fill color in Format Menu was not
working to fill a light blue color as background. Typed Heading
"European Poetry Journey" on top and Dates "October 1-14, 2021"
at bottom. Inserted image of map of journey & poets in the center,
but no room to type bulleted • items in the flyer. Very frustrating!

3. Making Promotional Flyer in HTML—

Since I couldn't make the Promotional Flyer using the template in
Google Drawings, made the 8.5"x11" flyer in HTML with light blue
background. With more vertical space, added bulleted items of poets.

4. Lesson Reflection—
What else might you use a flyer for?
Created flyer for Professor Albert Elsen's lecture on Matisse (1992).
Created flyer for neighbor Donald's Yard Sale of Collectibles (2020).

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