LINC-405: Google Infographics

Beginning Technology Skills
Foothill College: Summer 2021

Instructor: Kim Randall

August 11, 2021

By Peter Y. Chou

Google Infographics Assignment—
In this interactive lesson, you will learn
and practice the following skills:
• Find and summarize reliable, detailed data, • Represent data visually,
• Open and name a new canvas in Google Drawings, • Adjust formatting of text and images, • Add and edit images in Google Drawings,
1. Pause & Reflect—
Have you ever seen infographics online
in a news article or other source?
Infographics of Medal Winners at 2021 Tokyo Olympics listing countries winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.

2. Find and summarize reliable, detailed data—
"The U.S. edges China for the most gold medals"
(By Hannah Beech, NY Times, Aug. 8, 2021)

"Olympic Medal Count" (By

3. Inserting 2020 Tokyo Olympics Logo,
    Olympics Rings, & U.S. Olympics Gold & Silver
    Medalists in 400-Meters Hurdles in Infographic—

Olympics Logo

Olympics Rings

U.S. Gold & Silver Medalists
in Olympics 400-meters Hurdles
Found out that ROC stands for Russian Olympic Committee.
The list above shows the top five countries winning gold medals.

4. Lesson Reflection—
Tell us about a question you were able
to answer by searching the internet.
Medal count rankings according by Total Medals (NY Times) and
by Gold Medals ( are two reliable data resources.

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