Bay Bridge Trail Walk
Oakland, California

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: My former WPI student and friend Deborah Oakley is a civil engineer & architect connoisseur who told me many intricacies of bridge building as we walked across the East Span of Oakland Bay Bridge. She is an Associate Professor of Architecture at UNLV. She was sent by a Maryland Civil Engineering firm to inspect the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and Oakland Bay Bridge partial collapse. She told me that the East Span is "an engineering tour-de-force!" It took us awhile to find free parking behind the Bridge Yard building at 210 Burma Road for bike/pedestrian path across Bay Bridge. Our walk started at 12:15 pm and ended at 3:30 pm. It was windy walking across the bridge. Coming back, fog covered left side toward Oakland. On seeing the giant Yang Ming cargo ship across the bay, I told Deborah it's named after Wang Yang Ming, my favorite philosopher. He's also a favorite sage of Anthony Damiani and Paul Brunton.

Click on Photos for Enlarged Images

Parking Lot at Bay Bridge Trail

Bridge Yard Building (210 Burma Road)

Hexagonal Packing of Colored Cables

Inside of Bridge Yard Building

Side of Bridge Yard Building

Side of Bridge Yard Building

Trail Access Sign

Cylinder of Cables for Bridge

Heavy Cables in Cylinder Wheel

Bay Trail Signpost

Photos Bridge Construction Inside Building Sign

Morning Glories on Bay Bridge Trail

Bike Path Hours Sign

Start of Bay Bridge Trail

Sign: Two-Hour Round Trip

Bike Trail to Bay Bridge

Bent Wired Fence for Strength

Purple Sand Verbana (Abronia umbellata)

More Morning Glories (Ipomoea nil)

Guardians of the Galaxy Billboard

Palm Trees to Bay Bridge

Bike Trail to Bay Bridge

Cargo Ships Across the Bay

Bay Bridge Trail Map Board

View Across the Bay

View to Oakland on Bridge Trail

Remnant Posts of Collapsed Bridge

Flexible Railings for Hot or Cold

View of East Span Bay Bridge

Evergreen Cargo Ship

Tug Boats in Bay

Remnant of Collapsed Bridge

Tug Boats & Crane

Construction Dock Closeup

Crane Construction

Construction Still Going On

Two Cranes Construction

Evergreen Cargo Ship & Repair Dock

Crane Construction Dock

Overview of Repair Dock

Repair Dock & East Span

Exit 4 Sign to Treasure Island

Coming Closer to East Span

Crane & Repair Dock

Closer to East Span

East Span Straight Ahead

Comorant Flies by Repair Dock

Repair Dock & East Span

Tug Boat Streaming in Bay

East Span Traffic to Oakland

Sailboat in Bay

East Span Cable Support

East Span Traffic to Oakland

East Span Cable Detail

Deborah & East Span Cables

Cable to Tower of East Span

Floodlights on Cable of East Span

Scenic Coast from Bay Bridge

Near the End of East Span

Cable Reinforcement

Cables to East Span

In Line to East Span Tower

Top of East Span Tower

East Span Tower toward Oakland

Scenic Coast from Bay Bridge

Tower & Web of Cables

Deborah Walking to Oakland

Bay Bridge Cable Closeup

View of Bay to Oakland

Deborah Walking Back to Oakland

Bay Bridge Traffic to Oakland

Closeup of Bay Bridge Cable

Traffic on Bay Bridge to Oakland

Fog Across the Bay in Oakland

Fog Bank in Oakland from Bridge

Fog Clearing in Oakland

Yang Ming Cargo Ship & Rocky Coast

Yang Ming Cargo Ship (Closeup)

UFO & Shark Clouds Over Bridge

© Peter Y. Chou,, May 23, 2017

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